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Rod Stewart Biography

Renowned for his soulful raspy vocals, Rod Stewart remains as popular now as he was in his 70s heyday, with sales of over 100 million records worldwide making him one of the most successful solo artists of all time. Born in Highgate, North London in 1945, he spent much of the 60s fronting various outfits including early The Kinks incarnation The Ray Davies Quartet, Steampacket, who once supported The Rolling Stones, and The Jeff Beck Group before joining his most high-profile group, The Small Faces. Nicknamed Rod The Mod, he continued to balance his band duties with his solo career, landing a UK & US number one with both 1971’s third studio effort, Every Picture Tells A Story and single, “Maggie May,” whilst also scoring a chart-topper in his homeland with The Faces’ 1973 final album, Ooh La La. Rod Stewart tickets sold in their droves throughout the decade as he continued to dominate the charts on both sides of the Atlantic with a string of No.1 hits including “Sailing,” “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” “Tonight’s The Night” and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.” His 1980s output was less commercially successful although 1983’s Body Wishes spawned his final UK No.1, “Baby Jane,” whilst in 1985, he performed in front of 100 million people at the Rock In Rio Festival. But he returned to former glories in the early 90s with the Vagabond Heart LP, a US number one collaboration with Bryan Adams and Sting and a BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. Following his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, over 4.2 million Rod Stewart tickets were snapped up for a record-breaking free concert at Brazil’s Copacabana Beach. But following 1998’s covers album, When We Were The New Boys and 2001’s Human, he signed to Clive Davis’ J Records label and reinvented himself as a big-band crooner. Focusing on the classic standards of the 30s & 40s, his Great American Songbook series proved to be a masterstroke, returning him to the top of the Billboard charts for the first time in 25 years with 2004’s Stardust, whilst also landing him his first ever Grammy Award. Forays into classic rock (Still The Same…) and soul (Soulbook) proved to be just as popular and after the first batch of Rod Stewart tickets went on sale for his two year residency at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace, he released his first festive studio effort, Merry Christmas, Baby, in 2012.

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