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Fronted by maverick Max Bemis, ever-changing Los Angeles outfit Say Anything rose to fame with an ambitious blend of punk-pop, emo and indie-rock. Formed in 2000 by Bemis and drummer Coby Linder, the only two ever-presents during the band’s first decade, while still at high school, Say Anything released their first E.P., Junior Varsity, in the same year, before recording their full-length debut, Baseball: An Album by Sayanything in 2001. Their third E.P., Menorah/Majora attracted the attention of Doghouse Records, who issued their sophomore, a self-described punk rock musical named …Is a Real Boy in 2004. Having suffered a nervous breakdown during its recording, bipolar Mavis continued to exhibit disruptive behaviour following its release and the group were forced to postpone a tour with Saves The Day while their lead vocalist received treatment both in hospital and a rehab center. On his return, the band signed to major label J Records, who re-released their second LP with several new songs, and scored an alternative hit with “Alive with the Glory of Love” before heading out on the road with Dashboard Confessional and Hellogoodbye. In 2007, the band scored their first entry on the Billboard 200 when In Defense of the Genre, a daring two-disc concept album featuring the likes of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and singer-songwriter Pete Yorn, peaked at No.27. The band’s biggest headlining North American trek and a spot on the annual Warped Tour then followed before Bemis and Linder joined forces with Saves The Day’s Chris Conley and David Soloway to form the side-project Two Tongues. Say Anything’s commercial fortunes continued to improve with 2009’s self-titled LP, which charted two places higher than its predecessor, while opening slots with Angels and Airwaves and Motion City Soundtrack introduced them to new audiences. 2012’s edgier fifth studio effort, Anarchy, My Dear, gave them a third straight US Top 30 entry but it proved to be founding member Linder’s swansong when he left shortly after on amicable terms. Reed Murray was hired as his replacement, joining bassist Garron DuPree and guitarist Parker Case in the group’s latest line-up, before Bemis served as sole producer for the first time on 2014’s string-laden sixth album, Hebrews.

Studio Albums

Hebrews (2014)
Anarchy, My Dear (2012)
Say Anything (2009)
In Defense Of The Genre (2007)
...Is A Real Boy (2004)
Baseball (2003)
Menorah/Mejora (2002)
Junior Varsity! (2000)

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Say Anything Ticket News

5-6-15: Say Anything will begin its Hebrews Tour in late-June, and ticket prices won’t be cheap on the secondary market. The indie rockers currently own an average ticket price of $82.48 on the secondary market. They’ll play their most expensive show on July 17 at First Avenue, where tickets average at $201.57 and get-in price starts at $156.

Say Anything Performance Videos

Say Anything Tour Dates

Say Anything 2015 Tour Dates

Wed 06/24/15 at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas, TX
Thu 06/25/15 at Fitzgerald's in Houston, TX
Fri 06/26/15 at Scoot Inn in Austin, TX
Sat 06/27/15 at House Of Blues in New Orleans, LA
Sun 06/28/15 at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA
Tue 06/30/15 at House Of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, FL
Wed 07/01/15 at Jax Underbelly in Jacksonville, FL
Thu 07/02/15 at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC
Fri 07/03/15 at NorVa in Norfolk, VA
Sun 07/05/15 at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD
Mon 07/06/15 at Chameleon in Lancaster, PA
Tue 07/07/15 at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH
Thu 07/09/15 at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ
Fri 07/10/15 at House Of Blues Boston in Boston, MA
Sat 07/11/15 at Best Buy Theater in New York, NY
Sun 07/12/15 at Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA
Tue 07/14/15 at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, ON
Wed 07/15/15 at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI
Thu 07/16/15 at House Of Blues in Chicago, IL
Fri 07/17/15 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN
Sat 07/18/15 at The Waiting Room in Omaha, NE
Sun 07/19/15 at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO
Tue 07/21/15 at The Complex in Salt Lake City, UT
Thu 07/23/15 at The Showbox in Seattle, WA
Fri 07/24/15 at Roseland Theater in Portland, OR
Sat 07/25/15 at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA
Sun 07/26/15 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA
Tue 07/28/15 at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA
Wed 07/29/15 at House Of Blues in San Diego, CA
Thu 07/30/15 at Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ
Fri 07/31/15 at Hard Rock Cafe On The Strip / Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, NV

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  • 8:00 PM CST
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