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The String Cheese Incident Biography

Who doesn’t like String Cheese? The String Cheese Incident, one of the most successful jam bands in music today, are noted for their progressive style of bluegrass. Michael Kang (Guitar, Violin) Michael Travis (drums and percussion), Bill Nershi (electric guitar), Kyle Hollightsworth (piano, organ, accordion), and Keith Moseley (bass) started out playing ski resorts and friends parties. The Colorado natives seemed to be ahead of the curve when they began their own independent record label “SCI Fidelity Records” in the mid 90’s. The String Cheese Incident then released their debut, Born on the Wrong Planet in 1996. Their freshmen debut was mixture of cover songs and original music, incorporating traces of jazz grooves and calypso rhythms behind their signature banjo sound, many of which are still played at their shows today. The band started out selling String Cheese Incident tickets for their fifteen minute slot playing talent night at the Center for the Arts, the first of many performances to come. Continuing to book shows and creating together, the band released the self titled live album A String Cheese Incident. Recorded at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado, it is often considered their best body of work and ideal for acquainting fans with Cheese’s signature style. Upgrading their sound from Born on the Wrong Planet, String Cheese Incident greatly improved the quality of their songwriting and musicianship. The jam band style of play lends itself to a massive cult following, supporters from all over travel show to show in awe of the creativity and improvisation SCI consistently brings. Many fans claim their recorded work pales in comparison their live performances. For three years, String Cheese Incident toured consistently playing over 500 “incidents” including Woodstock in 1999. Ready to get back in the studio, SCI linked with Los Lobos member Steve Berlin to create their third album, Outside Inside. With Electric guitars, friendlier melodies, and more refined, the band stepped outside of their comfort zone with their 2001 project. The album was well received by critics and newcomers though some long time fans had trouble accepting the absence of the bands bluegrass beginnings. In August 2003 SCI sued Ticketmaster for restricting them from selling String Cheese Incident tickets directly to the fans and the high service fees that accompanied. The lawsuit was settled in private with String Cheese Incident given the rights to sell their own tickets. Shortly after the jam band released their fourth album, Untying the Not, known for its electronic and trance influence. It was 2005 when SCI created the “Big Summer Classic”, a traveling festival across America. String Cheese Incident tickets sported such acts as Umphrey’s McGee, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and Yonder Mountain String Band. Festival veterans in their own right, SCI appeared at numerous events throughout the years including Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Electric Forest Festival and more. Marking the band’s 20 year anniversary and first album since 2009, A Song In My Head, the band’s latest effort is produced by Talking Heads keyboardist Jerry Harrison. String Cheese Incident tickets are currently on sale in support of their 2014 return.

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