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One of the ‘00s most idiosyncratic singer-songwriters, Sufjan Stevens achieved cult stardom thanks to a prolific and increasingly ambitious output which spearheaded the movement critics described as ‘New Weird America.’ Born in Detroit in 1975, the multi-instrumentalist Stevens first began performing in Marzuki, a folk-rock band named after his marathon runner brother, while studying at Hope College, but went solo after moving to New York. There, he graduated with a fine arts degree at the city’s New School.

Released on the Asthmatic Kitty label he co-founded with his stepfather, his debut album, A Sun Came, arrived in 2000 and was followed by Enjoy Your Rabbit, a song cycle based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac a year later.

Stevens’ penchant for the unconventional continued to attract attention with 2003’s Michigan, the first part of an intended 50 States Project which he later revealed was a promotional gimmick. But despite all the near-universal acclaim, Stevens only gave up his day job at Time Warner’s children’s book division following the release of 2004’s lo-fi folk album, Seven Swans.

After embracing a symphonic sound on 2005’s Illinois, Stevens fully committed himself to the holiday seasons with Songs For Christmas, a five-CD box set featuring both original and classic festive compositions, and scored his first US Top 100 entry with outtakes collection, The Avalanche. 2007 saw Stevens explore other creative avenues, premiering a cinematic piece titled The BQE at a Brooklyn Academy of Music festival, contributing various short stories and essays to several publications, and making guest appearances on records by the likes of The National, Rosie Thomas and David Garland.

Stevens returned to the fray in 2010 with the All Delighted People E.P., and sixth LP, The Age of Adz, an experimental affair which peaked at a career high of No.7 on the Billboard 200.

He continued to explore his collaborative streak when he teamed up with fellow Brooklyn-based musicians Nico Muhly and Bryce Dessner for Planetarium, a classical project based on the solar system, and producer Son Lux and rapper Serengeti for a 2014 self-titled album recorded under the guise of Sisyphus. Inspired by the death of his mother, the critically-lauded Carrie & Lowell gave Stevens a second US Top 10 album in 2015.

Studio Albums

All Delighted People (2010)
The Age Of Adz (2010)
The Avalanche: Outtakes And Extras From The Illinois Album (2006)
Noel: Songs For Christmas, Vol. I (2006)
Hark!: Songs For Christmas, Vol. II (2006)
Ding! Dong!: Songs For Christmas, Vol. III (2006)
Joy: Songs For Christmas, Vol. IV (2006)
Peace: Songs For Christmas, Vol. V (2006)
Illinois (2005)
Seven Swans (2004)
Michigan (2003)
A Sun Came (2000)

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Sufjan Stevens Ticket News

5-7-15: Sufjan Stevens is waist-deep in his spring tour, which continues in the U.S. through June 11. The singer will play 15 more shows over the next month and currently sees tickets average at $129.69 on the secondary market. He’ll make his most expensive stop on June 4 at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, where tickets own a secondary average of $179.09 and get-in price starts at $98.

Sufjan Stevens Performance Videos

Sufjan Stevens Tour Dates

Sufjan Stevens 2015 Tour Dates

Wed 05/13/15 at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX
Tue 06/02/15 at Jacobs Music Center At Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, CA
Wed 06/03/15 at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, CA
Thu 06/04/15 at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, CA
Fri 06/05/15 at Fox Theater in Oakland, CA
Sat 06/06/15 at Fox Theater in Oakland, CA
Mon 06/08/15 at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, OR
Tue 06/09/15 at Orpheum in Vancouver, BC
Wed 06/10/15 at Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA
Thu 06/11/15 at Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA
Fri 07/17/15 at Foster Farm in Eau Claire, WI
Sat 07/18/15 at Foster Farm in Eau Claire, WI
Fri 08/14/15 at Planet Bluegrass Ranch in Lyons, CO
Wed 09/02/15 at Royal Festival Hall in London, United Kingdom
Thu 09/03/15 at Royal Festival Hall in London, United Kingdom
Sun 09/06/15 at Larmer Tree Gardens in Salisbury, United Kingdom
Tue 09/08/15 at Grand Rex in Paris, France
Wed 09/09/15 at Grand Rex in Paris, France
Thu 09/10/15 at Bozar in Brussels, Belgium
Sat 09/12/15 at Oslo Spektrum Arena ANS in Oslo, Norway
Sun 09/13/15 at Gota Lejon in Stockholm, Sweden
Wed 09/16/15 at Admiralspalast Theater in Berlin, Germany
Thu 09/17/15 at Admiralspalast Theater in Berlin, Germany
Sat 09/19/15 at Colosseum Theatre in Essen, Germany

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