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Swervedriver Biography

Alternative rockers Swervedriver have made a name for themselves performing and releasing music for over twenty years. Forming in Oxford, core members Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartidge assembled the group after a number of failed attempts. With Adi Vines on bass and the addition of drummer Graham Bonnar, Swervedriver recorded their first demo. With a little help from Mark Gardener of Ride, the demo made its way into the hands of Alan McGee of Creation records who signed the young rockers. In July 1990, the band appeared on BBC Radio1 to promote their debut EP, Son of Mustang Ford. The music was a revved up extension of the shoegaze sound that originated in the UK. The group saw early success making appearances on the indie UK charts. It seemed as if Swervedriver outgrew the British rock scene as they were picking up in the United States. The group signed with A&M records who released Swervedriver tickets for a number of shows throughout the US. September of 1991 saw the band’s first opportunity to release a studio album. Raise was a compilation of tracks from all 3 EP’s, the theme of the tracks centered around cars. Critics praised the group’s artistic approach and originality. Swervedriver tickets went on sale for their first North American tour that same year. Their momentum was increasing yet the band has its issues, personnel and management changes would challenge Franklin and Hartridge to continue their success. Adding drummer Jeremy Hindmarsh and Steve George, Screwdriver released Mezcal Head in August 1993. The sound was larger than life, a confident pop-rock crossover between the UK alternative and American indie rock sound of the time. Its lead single “Duel” climbed the charts. Growing to the forefront of America’s alternative rock scene, Swervedriver tickets took on budding co-headliners like the Smashing Pumpkins. Label troubles between Swerverdriver and A&M left the bands third release, Ejector Seat Reservation with poor album sales due to lack of funding. The album as a body of work as a whole however is regarded by many as the bands most fluid, seasoned project to date. When a change to label DGC Records didn’t go as according to plan, the band released their next project independently on Zero Hour Records in 1998. Swervedriver’s music shifted from stronger rock to more acoustic based melodies. The band questioned their passion for music after an arduous relationship with the music industry. Having already having sold Swervedriver tickets for the remainder of the tour, Swervedriver decided to go on hiatus later that year. It wasn’t until ten years later fans were reunited with the group from Oxford. Swervedriver tickets went on sale for their reunion tour in 2008 through North America and Europe. The band in currently preparing their fifth studio album in over fifteen years, scheduled for an early 2015 release. Swervedriver tickets are currently on sale for their tour in support of their latest work.

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