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The 1975 Biography

U.K. chart-toppers The 1975 have quickly risen to fame in the United States. Formed in 2012, the English indie rock band has seen a considerable amount of success over five official studio releases. In just two years, The 1975 have written, recorded and released four E.P.s and dropped their first full album in September of 2013. The quartet includes guitarist and vocalist Matt Healy, guitarist Adam Hann, drummer George Daniel and bassist Ross MacDonald.

With a notable rise to fame in just several months, it’s no surprise that The 1975 tickets have also garnered high demand on the secondary market. The band released its first E.P., Facedown, on August 6, 2012 and saw significant airplay on national radio in the U.K. for their lead single “The City”. Since that time, The 1975 tickets have risen in price as the group transitions to play larger venues throughout the world.

Following the success of Facedown, the band released three more E.P.s. chronologically titled Sex, Music for Cars and IV. Many of the group’s songs over their four E.P.’s reappeared on their self-titled debut album, which was released on September 2, 2013. “The City” and “Chocolate”, arguably The 1975’s most popular songs to date, were included on The 1975 and have since reached both independent and large radio stations across the world.

The 1975 tickets on the secondary market will continue to increase in price as the band embarks on a more extensive touring schedule. The quartet is currently in the midst of a North American run of shows and will be stateside until the end of December. With 40 dates scheduled through December 17, the average secondary price for The 1975 tickets is currently $119. The band will play its most expensive North American date at the House of Blues in Boston on December 6, where average price for The 1975 tickets is $413.63, 41.4% above tour average. Get-in price for that show starts at $68.

The band will see a significant drop off in price for the second most expensive show, which will be played at Terminal 5 in New York City just one day prior to their stop in Boston. The average secondary price for The 1975 tickets to Terminal 5 on December 5 is $242.12, more than $70 cheaper than their Boston date, but still 103.4% above tour average. Get-in price for their December 5 stop at Terminal 5 is $78. They’ll play Terminal 5 twice on their current tour, and a December 4 stop will see a secondary average of $153.12 for The 1975 tickets and get-in price of $51.

The 1975 can only garner more popularity as they make a successful run across North America this fall. After playing their first major U.S. festival in Coachella over the summer, the sky is the limit for a band still in its infancy stage. As they tour through the U.S. and Canada over the coming months, TicketIQ is the best place to find the best deals on The 1975 tickets.


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