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The Ting Tings Biography

Quirky pop duo from England, “The Ting Tings” consists of singer songwriter Katie White and musician Jules De Martino. The pop-punk rockers who shared a love of music paired up to create their first band, Dear Eskiimo. Signing a record deal to Mercury Records proved to be detrimental as the label complications would cause the group to disband. With a head full of music and a heart full of mistrust, the two began to develop their sound on their own. The Ting Tings, meaning “bandstand” in Mandarin, had created three songs and organized performances for friends at a rented mill dubbed “the Engine House”. Gaining attention of the local music scene, The Ting Tings tickets became one of the hottest items in Manchester sought after by various label execs and producers. “That’s Not My Name/Great DJ” was their first single joint released with Switchflicker Records. It wasn’t until the second record “Fruit Machine” did the group garner radio attention. The Ting Ting Tickets progressed from the Engine House to performances at Glastonbury and Glasslands in Brooklyn, New York. In 2007, Columbia Records signed the duo and booked them on MTV’s Spanking New Music Tour with The Fratellis and Alphabeat. Their first release on Columbia, “Great DJ” received significant radio rotation on BBC Radio 1 and XFM. The Ting Tings were set to release their first album We Started Nothing in May of 2008. Singles such as “Shut Up and Let Me Go”, “Be the One, and “We Walk” assisted in album sales but it was the re-release of “That’s not my name” that brought the group to new heights. The pop anthem stayed at number one on the UK Billboard for one week in May, 2008. The ranting radio cut has sold over one million copies to date and helped We Started Nothing go platinum in four countries, double platinum in the UK. Multiple tracks from the debut album saw placement in music, movies, and television. Ting Tings Tickets were sold for their March/April concert tour across the US in 2009. A whirlwind of success led to the Ting Tings receiving a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist that very year. Playing live on BBC and Saturday Night Live were noted career highlights for the two musicians from Manchester. Their classic upbeat pop style shined on their follow-up effort Sounds from Nowheresville. “Hands”, the first single mixed by popular dance producer Calvin Harris, reached number 29 on the UK Singles Chart as well as Billboard. Returning in 2014, the Ting Tings released their latest album Super Critical in October. The matured sound of the group summoned the respect of music’s toughest critics. Citing various sources of inspiration such as the Beastie Boys, TLC, and the Spice Girls, Katie White and Jules De Martino proved they could still pen catchy tunes while producing quality music. Ting Ting tickets are currently on sale as they promote their impressive third studio album.

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