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Young Jeezy

American hip hop artist Young Jeezy is currently on the road touring across North America in support of his seventh studio album “Seen It All: The Autobiography” which was just released in September. Young Jeezy tickets are available on TicketIQ at very affordable prices for the upcoming shows on Young Jeezy’s remaining tour schedule.

According to TicketIQ, Young Jeezy tickets have an overall tour average of just $86.37 in the secondary market. The hip hop artist will be performing a concert show this Tuesday at State AE an entertainment complex located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Young Jeezy tickets for his next concert show are already sold out. Young Jeezy still has 26 scheduled events for his tour that runs through December with the last show taking place on December 6 at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Washington. According to TicketIQ, the most expensive concert show for Young Jeezy tickets will be when the hip hop artist travels to the Houston Arena Theatre a complex located in Houston, Texas on November 23. Young Jeezy tickets for this show have a current average price of $220.25 in the secondary market, which is a 155.8% increase compared to Jeezy’s overall tour average.

The cheapest concert show right now according to TicketIQ for Young Jeezy tickets is when the rapper performs a show at the Bogarts a music venue located in the Corryville neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio this Wednesday November 5. Young Jeezy tickets for this show have a current average price of $52.94 in the secondary market with a get in price of $40. Limited Young Jeezy tickets for his November 5 concert show are still available on TicketIQ.

The only other time Young Jeezy tickets will have an average price of over $100 is when the artist will make a stop at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan this Friday November 7 as Young Jeezy tickets for this show have a current secondary average price of $118.50 with a get in price of $103.

It’s been almost ten years since Young Jeezy dropped his debut album “Lets Get it: Thug Motivation 101” and the Grammy nominated rapper has stayed close to his roots while also exploring new territory in his many solo releases, mixtapes, and other collaborative work in the United States. Still, Jeezy continues to pay tribute to his southern hip hop origins.

Fans who attend a Young Jeezy concert can expect some fireworks as Jeezy is known to tour with an A-list or soon to be rap and R&B artist and even an occasional surprise guests. Now with his fifth released studio album under Def Jam Young Jeezy’s albums sales are down almost 50% compared to his last studio album’s release “TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition”, which sold 233,000 copies in its first week. However, despite Jeezy’s new album debuting at number 2 on the billboard charts, the album sold 121,000 copies in the United States for the first week.

To date Young Jeezy latest released ablum has sold over 226,000 copies.

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