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Gang of Four Biography

Cited as a major influence on the likes of R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, politically- charged quartet Gang of Four were one of the most important and exhilarating bands to emerge from the post-punk era. The original line-up of frontman Jon King, guitarist Andy Gill, bassist Dave Allen and drummer Hugo Burnham formed at Leeds University in 1977 and built up the demand for Gang of Four tickets when their single, “Damaged Goods,” was heavily championed by legendary Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Following the release of Gang of Four tickets for a UK tour, the band signed to EMI Records, who issued their debut album, Entertainment!, in 1979, and courted controversy with the single, “At Home He’s A Tourist,” which was later banned by the BBC. After switching labels to Warner Bros, and replacing Allen with Sara Lee, the group released their 1981 sophomore Solid Gold, and Gang of Four tickets for an extensive accompanying tour. A year later, the band added to their discography with Songs of the Free, but following a disastrous foray into radical soul/R&B on 1983’s much-maligned Hard, the group began to implode. Firstly, Gill and King sacked the rest of the band, and after performing in front of fans with Gang of Four tickets for live album, At The Palace, the duo then called it a day. However, the split only lasted five years, and the pair returned with a new line-up in 1991 for a new studio album, Mall, while fans snapped up Gang of Four tickets for their comeback tour. After adding to their catalog with 1995’s Shrinkwrapped, the group then went their separate ways for a second time in 1997. But fans got the chance to buy Gang of Four tickets again in 2005 when all four founding members embarked on a reunion tour and unveiled a collection of re-recordings entitled Return The Gift. Although Burnham and Allen made their exits again shortly after, fans continued to buy Gang of Four tickets for various live shows, while in 2011, the group released their first album of entirely new material in 16 years with Content. In the same year, King then announced his departure, leaving Gill as the only remaining original member, and after John Sterry took over frontman duties, the band released Gang of Four tickets for shows across North America, Europe and Australia.

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