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The Masters Ticket Price History

Average Price Since 2010

Year Avg Price
2010: $520.59
2011: $1,331.25
2012: $1,337.61
2013: $2,161.72
2014: $1,056.80


The Masters Tickets News

4-6-15: Now just three days out, Masters Tournament tickets continue to drop in price on the secondary market. The tournament’s most expensive day will be on Thursday, where tickets currently average at $1,702.32. That marks an 8.5% slide from Friday’s average of $1,861.83. Saturday will own the cheapest single-day ticket, with average secondary price listed at $1,220.16, down 11.5% from Friday’s $1,378.67 average.

4-10-14: Masters tournament tickets continue to fall on the secondary market. Thursday competition session has fallen 2.6% in the past 24 hours to an average of $800.64 per ticket. Friday has fallen 1% to an average of $918, Saturday has fallen 3% to an average of $862 and Sunday has fallen to an average asking price of $1,008.

4-9-14: In the past 48 hours, each session of the Masters tournament has been a price decrease. Thursday is down 12.54% to an average of $895.29, Friday is down 11.57% to $908.91, Saturday is down 7.97% to $890.35 and Sunday is down 13.14% to $1,010.07. The overall average of the competition portion is $939.10 and there are still 7 4-Day badges available.

4-8-14: With the Masters practice kicking off today, weather becomes even more of a factor. Thus far the forecast calls for precipitation during the practice sessions, but a 0% chance of rain during the tournament portion of the Masters. A four day badge averages $4,477 on the secondary market while the championship averages $1,142.

4-4-14: Paulina Gretzky has caused quite a stir amongst the LPGA members and the golf community as a whole. The fiancee of Master Tournament participant Dustin Johnson and daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, the 25 year old graces the cover of the April edition of Golf Digest magazine in a provocative pose.

4-3-14: After Tiger Woods was forced to withdraw from the 2014 Masters Tournament, many golf experts are debating whether the end of his professional career is near. Despite 5 PGA tournament victories in 2013, his body is noticeably breaking down and he's been forced to miss more tournaments than ever due to chronic injuries.

4-1-14: The Masters Tournament lost one of their biggest draws as Tiger Woods pulled out of the tournament after undergoing spinal surgery in Utah. The surgery will put Woods out of all golfing action for about a month until he can begin to work himself back in. Woods is expected to make a full recovery.

3-28-14: Augusta Magazine recently published an article previewing their dark horse candidates for the Master's Tournament. Their selections included: Jason Dufner, Sergio Garcia, Graeme McDowell, Jordan Spieth, and Steve Stricker. The average ticket price for the Tournament on the secondary market is currently $1,137. Thursday's competition averages $1,157 with a get-in price of $894.

3-27-14: The average ticket price for the Masters Tournament on the seondary market is $1,164. An all session strip for the competition portion currently averages $4736. The most expensive session overall is Sunday with an average cost of $1,526.88. The cheapest is Monday's practice round with an average cost of $426.39

3-26-14: Sauk recently took a look at some of the cuisine served around the Masters Tournament in Augusta. Today's post highlighted the pimiento cheese and egg salad sandwiches served on white bread. The sandwich only costs $1.50 and even comes wrapped in green cellophane in tribute to the tournament's famous Green jacket prize.

3-25-14: The Masters Tournament, The R&A and the United States Golf Association teamed together to form the Latin America Amateur Championship. The program hopes to contribute to growing interest of the sport in Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. Starting in 2015, the winner of the tournament will earn a slot in the Masters Tournament.

3-24-14: Still dealing with back spasms, 2014 masters favorite Tiger Woods is still unsure of his participation in the 2014 masters tournament. Woods has won 4 Masters tournament's throughout his career, with the first one being in 1997 and last in 2005. A 4 day badge currently averages $4,736 on the secondary market.

3-21-14: The average ticket price for the four days of competition in the Masters Tournament is currently $1417. The average 4 day badge averages $4736 on the resale market. The practice round averages $734. The most expensive day is Sunday, at an average of $1581 per ticket. The cheapest is Monday at $512.

3-20-14: Tiger Woods, who has been plagued by the injury bug since August, has decided to pull himself out of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Tournament. Woods apologized on his official website as well as by calling Palmer himself. Thus far, the Master's Tournament may be up in the air. Despite a tainted image the past few years, Wood remains one of the biggest fan draws in the sport.

3-19-14: While Masters tickets feature a tough and expensive market, a recent article from Forbes breaks down ticketing trends and when and where to buy. The article makes note of the increased amount of quantity available over the 2013 tournament. Very limited 4 day badges are available, but there's a minimum of 200 per day during the tournament.

3-17-14: Average ticket price for the 2014 Master's Tournament is $1,325. The most expensive session is Sunday at an average cost of $1704. The cheapest is the Monday practice round at an average cost of $534. The four day badge averages $4850 on the resale market with cheapest badge costing $4736.

3-14-14: We currently have 1,849 Masters tickets available with an average price of $1,393. Here’s a breakdown of each day’s prices, including practice round prices:

Monday Practice Round

  • Avg Price: $550.76
  • Get-in Price: $325
  • Max Price: $749.02
  • Trend: -3%
  • Quantity: 150
Tuesday Practice Round
  • Avg Price: $664.08
  • Get-in Price: $415
  • Max Price: $841.67
  • Trend: -9%
  • Quantity: 150
Wednesday Practice Round
  • Avg Price: $1034.61
  • Get-in Price: $872
  • Max Price: $1234.44
  • Trend: -11%
  • Quantity: 150
Four Day Badge
  • Avg Price: $4477
  • Get-in Price: $477
  • Max Price: $477
  • Trend: N/A
  • Quantity: 5
Thursday Round
  • Avg Price: $1590.84
  • Get-in Price: $1168
  • Max Price: $3650
  • Trend: -8%
  • Quantity: 271
Friday Round
  • Avg Price: $1495.20
  • Get-in Price: $1160
  • Max Price: $2450
  • Trend: -5%
  • Quantity: 379
Saturday Round
  • Avg Price: $1550.97
  • Get-in Price: $1263
  • Max Price: $2450
  • Trend: -6%
  • Quantity: 321
Sunday Round
  • Avg Price: $1730.36
  • Get-in Price: $1364
  • Max Price: $2450
  • Trend: -3%
  • Quantity: 413

Here are four year's of Pricing For Masters tickets

Date Day / Round Avg Price
4/5/2010 Monday Practice Round $268.02
4/6/2010 Tuesday Practice Round $310.83
4/7/2010 Wednesday Practice Round $537.09
4/8/2010 4 Day Badge $2,573.89
4/8/2010 Thursday Competition $465.00
4/9/2010 Friday Competition $541.17
4/10/2010 Saturday Competition $566.60
4/11/2010 Sunday Competition $502.75
4/4/2011 Monday Practice Round $366.47
4/5/2011 Tuesday Practice Round $552.00
4/6/2011 Wednesday Practice Round $1,255.80
4/7/2011 4 Day Badge N/A
4/7/2011 Thursday Competition N/A
4/8/2011 Friday Competition N/A
4/9/2011 Saturday Competition $1,552.50
4/10/2011 Sunday Competition $1,257.50
4/2/2012 Monday Practice Round $308.33
4/3/2012 Tuesday Practice Round $476.50
4/4/2012 Wednesday Practice Round $792.33
4/5/2012 Four Day Badge $3,675.00
4/5/2012 Thursday Competition $1,740.67
4/6/2012 Friday Competition N/A
4/7/2012 Saturday Competition $1,209.00
4/8/2012 Sunday Competition $869.67
4/8/2013 Monday Practice Round $526.43
4/9/2013 Tuesday Practice Round $718.90
4/10/2013 Wednesday Practice Round N/A
4/11/2013 Four Day Badge $9,267.00
4/11/2013 Masters-Thursday $2,494.33
4/12/2013 Masters Friday $2,171.00
4/13/2013 Masters Saturday $2,049.00
4/14/2013 MastersSunday $1,811.00
4/7/2014 Monday Practice Round $548.93
4/8/2014 Tuesday Practice Round $654.75
4/9/2014 Wednesday Practice Round $1,036.25
4/10/2014 Four Day Competition Badge $4,850.00
4/10/2014 Thursday Competition $1,482.29
4/11/2014 Friday Competition $1,349.64
4/12/2014 Saturday Competition $1,398.85
4/13/2014 Sunday Competition $1,633.78

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