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Juan Gabriel Biography

Alberto Aguilera Valadez, better known as Juan Gabriel, is Mexico’s most successful vocalist to date. Born in 1950, Alberto learned his craft at boarding school in an attempt to earn money. Perfecting his skill at school, Alberto escaped boarding school and began pursuing his dream singing in nightclubs. His mix of covers and original music pleased unassuming patrons who purchased Juan Gabriel tickets. With an arsenal of recorded music, Alberto headed to Mexico City where he gained employment writing for RCA Records. Though penning choruses for established artists, Valadez failed to secure his own recording deal. It wasn’t until after he was falsely arrested and held for 18 months did he manage to sign a deal with former employer RCA. With producer Jon Gordillo, Alberto (now officially Juan Gabriel) went on to record 15 albums and has sold over 100 million records during his legendary career. Mexico’s leading songwriter, Juan Gabriel has recorded more than 1000 songs in an array of genres. In addition to his own catalog, the Mexican songwriter has written numerous hits for some of Mexico’s biggest recording artists as well. In addition to the singer’s extensive music career, Gabriel has had success in the movie business appearing in the 1975 film, Nobleza Ranchera. The producer, writer, performer wears many musical hats and has accrued a number of accolades in the process. His 1984 release Recuerdos, Vol. 2 became Mexico’s greatest selling album of all time. The album has sold over eight million copies to date. The album contained what many believe to be Gabriels greatest hit,”Querida”, or “My Dear” in English. The smash hit stayed on the charts with an unprecedented run at over one year. The face of the Mexican music scene and partly responsible for its success in its entirety, Gabriel received the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Award in 1995. Gabriel’s stage show was an all out spectacle, supported by the seventy-piece Mexcican Symphonic Orchestra. With a number of classics under his belt, the songwriter’s work has been performed and rerecorded by many popular Mexican artists. In 2009, Juan Gabriel was given the Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year Award and earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With millions of records and Juan Gabriel tickets sold, multiple Grammys, and tons of adoring fans, there isn’t much more for Gabriel to accomplish. Several times a year, Juan puts on benefits donating the proceeds from Juan Gabriel tickets and photo-ops to support orphans in Mexico. The man even has his own day, “The Day of Juan Gabriel”, established by Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in 1986. Providing the soundtrack for countless romantics, Gabriel continues to sell out arenas and perform around the globe. After a respiratory infection that caused the artist to cancel numerous tour dates, Gabriel is continuing his world tour performing throughout 2014 and into next year. Juan Gabriel tickets are currently on sale for all North American tour dates.

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