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Hailing from Hamburg, Germany and initially founded in Paris, KMFDM got their start as a performance art project between member Sascha Konietzko and German multimedia artist Udo Sturm in 1984. Sturm would soon leave the industrial rock group and their first album, Opium began to circulate in Hamburg's underground community. KMFDM would follow up with 1986's What Do You Know, Deutschland? and would soon find a growing fan base stretching into America by the turn of the decade. By the mid-'90s the band would see its ninth studio album, 1996's Xtort, gain monumental success in the U.S., peaking at No. 92 on the Billboard 200 and selling more than 200,000 copies in the country alone. KMFDM continues to be a tour de force more than 30 years after forming and have spawned 19 albums over that time. Our Time Will Come is their most recent release, dropping in October of 2014.

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    • Discography

      Studio Albums

      Our Time Will Come (2014)
      Kunst (2013)
      WTF?! (2011)
      Blitz (2009)
      Tohuvabohu (2007)
      Hau Ruck (2005)
      WWIII (2003)
      Attak (2002)
      Adios (1999)
      Symbols (1997)
      Xtort (1996)
      Nihil (1995)
      Angst (1993)
      Money (1992)
      Na?ve (1990)
      UAIOE (1989)
      Don't Blow Your Top (1988)
      What Do You Know, Deutschland? (1986)

KMFDM Tour Dates

KMFDM 2015 Tour Dates

Sat 07/18/15 at The Showbox in Seattle, WA
Sun 07/19/15 at Imperial in Vancouver, BC
Mon 07/20/15 at Star Bar in Portland, OR
Mon 07/20/15 at Star Theater in Portland, OR
Wed 07/22/15 at Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA
Thu 07/23/15 at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA
Fri 07/24/15 at Livewire in Scottsdale, AZ
Sun 07/26/15 at Gas Monkey Live! in Dallas, TX
Mon 07/27/15 at Scout Bar in Houston, TX
Tue 07/28/15 at The Civic Theatre in New Orleans, LA
Wed 07/29/15 at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA
Thu 07/30/15 at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC
Fri 07/31/15 at The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA
Sat 08/01/15 at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA
Sun 08/02/15 at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA
Tue 08/04/15 at Irving Plaza in New York, NY
Wed 08/05/15 at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY
Thu 08/06/15 at Buffalo Iron Works in Buffalo, NY
Fri 08/07/15 at Mr. Small's Theatre in Millvale, PA
Sat 08/08/15 at House Of Blues in Cleveland, OH
Sun 08/09/15 at Sanctuary in Newport, KY
Tue 08/11/15 at Exit / In in Nashville, TN
Wed 08/12/15 at Ready Room in St. Louis, MO
Fri 08/14/15 at House Of Blues in Chicago, IL
Sat 08/15/15 at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN
Sun 08/16/15 at Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS
Mon 08/17/15 at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO
Tue 08/18/15 at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT
Wed 08/19/15 at Knitting Factory Concert House in Boise, ID


5-13-15: German industrial outfit KMFDM will embark on a summer string of tour dates beginning in July. The group is slated to play 29 shows through August 19, when it wraps at Boise Knitting Factory in Idaho. Over the month-long stretch, the average price for KMFDM tickets is $63.57 on the secondary market. The most expensive date the band will play comes on August 17 at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, where tickets own a secondary average of $88.60 and get-in price starts at $65.

KMFDM Performance Videos

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