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About Philadelphia Union Tickets on

The Philadelphia Union are a relatively new MLS franchise as the team came into the league in 2010 despite the city’s attempt to garner a team earlier. Philadelphia is one of the top ten largest metropolitan areas and top five media market in the country, making it a no brainer that with a team located in Philadelphia there would be plenty of Philadelphia Union tickets sold. Interest in a “Delaware Valley” franchise began in 2001 when a group of investors pitched the idea of a soccer specific stadium that would have the capacity to sell 25,000 Philadelphia Union tickets in the city of Trenton, New Jersey. This was immediately squashed as the New York MetroStars were able to veto the bill because the new franchise would be within 75 miles of the MetroStars stadium. Talks began again in 2007 when the same group of investors changed the location of their potential franchise to Philadelphia, claiming the area already had an established soccer fan base and could sell plenty of Philadelphia Union tickets. The league finally agreed with the plan in 2008 after a $47 million package was approved by the Philadelphia mayor to help finance the beginning of the franchise. The claim of Philadelphia already having a fan base for soccer was proven correct as the season ticket package of 12,000 Philadelphia Union tickets was sold out before their inaugural season in 2010 even began. The first season for the Union went as expected, mediocre and without a playoff birth. The following season however, in 2011, showed much improvement as the team finished with a total of 48 season points good enough to put them in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.

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Philadelphia Union News

7-28-15: The Philadelphia Union have had a rough 2015 so far and currently place ninth in the Eastern Conference standings. Their next game at the PPL Park is this Saturday, August 1 when they host the NY Red Bulls.

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