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Toronto FC Ticket Price History

Average Home Price Since 2010

Year Avg Price
2010: $70.45
2011: $71.44
2012: $70.52
2013: $96.83
2014: $67.81

Five Most Expensive Home Games of 2014:

Date Opponent Avg Price
3/22/2014 vs. D.C. United: $105.91
5/17/2014 vs. NY Red Bulls: $105.08
4/12/2014 vs. Colorado Rapids: $91.11
5/03/2014 vs. New England Revolution: $87.92
5/31/2014 vs. Columbus Crew: $85.30

Five Most Expensive Homes Games Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
5/18/2013 vs. Columbus Crew: $582.07
6/01/2013 vs. Philadelphia Union: $527.19
3/31/2012 vs. Columbus Crew: $149.18
3/22/2014 vs. D.C. United: $105.91
5/17/2014 vs. NY Red Bulls: $105.08

Five Least Expensive Home Games of 2014:

Date Opponent Avg Price
10/08/2014 vs. Houston Dynamo: $31
9/21/2014 vs. Chivas USA: $45
5/28/2014 vs. Montreal Impact: $50
9/27/2014 vs. Portland Timbers: $50.69
10/18/2014 vs. Montreal Impact: $56.27

Five Least Expensive Home Games Since 2010:

Date Opponent Avg Price
10/08/2014 vs. Houston Dynamo: $31
9/11/2013 vs. Chicago Fire: $33
9/21/2013 vs. Sporting Kansas City: $33
3/09/2013 vs. Sporting Kansas City: $35
6/29/2013 vs. Real Salt Lake: $39


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  • History Of Toronto FC

    Toronto FC have been around since 2005 and they have certainly made an impact both in the MLS and the Canadian soccer scene. While success has been harder to come by South of the border, Toronto FC have certainly been involved in many a great game against teams such as the NY Red Bulls, LA Galaxy, and the Seattle Sounders. Fans have bought Toronto FC tickets for games throughout the United States. In addition, Toronto FC has managed to win the Canadian Championship for the past four seasons (2009-2012). Winning this event allowed Toronto FC to compete in the CONCACAF Champions League, where they have shown steady improvement in their results. Plenty of Toronto FC tickets were sold for CONCACAF Champions League games, where the best teams from North and Central America compete. While Toronto FC did not get past the group stages in 2009 and 2010, they managed to reach the semi- finals in 2011. Fans will be hoping for an even better showing in 2012 and you can be sure that the Rogers Centre will be selling more Toronto FC tickets for marquee clashes in the coming months. Part of the reason Toronto FC have been so successful is the club's identity. The club has always tried, from day one, to keep the fans as involved in the club's running as possible. This creates a camaraderie that will serve the team very well in the coming years. With more investment and the signings of better players Toronto FC will be hoping to kick on and make more of an impression in the MLS standings than they have over the past few years. Then we will see an even greater demand for Toronto FC tickets from fans and admirers alike.

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    Toronto FC News

    7-28-15: Toronto FC haven't had a great year so far, but the team is currently in playoff contention but the team is still looking for an identity and for more offensive support other than Sebastian Giovinco.

    Toronto FC Video Highlights

    • 28 Apr
    • Friday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 03 May
    • Wednesday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 06 May
    • Saturday
    • 1:00 PM PST
    • 10 May
    • Wednesday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 13 May
    • Saturday
    • 3:00 PM EST
    • 19 May
    • Friday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 26 May
    • Friday
    • 7:00 PM EST
    • 31 May
    • Wednesday
    • TBD EST
    • 03 Jun
    • Saturday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 17 Jun
    • Saturday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 23 Jun
    • Friday
    • 8:00 PM EST
    • 01 Jul
    • Saturday
    • 6:00 PM CST
    • 05 Jul
    • Wednesday
    • 7:30 PM
    • 19 Jul
    • Wednesday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 22 Jul
    • Saturday
    • 7:00 PM EST
    • 30 Jul
    • Sunday
    • 2:00 PM EST
    • 05 Aug
    • Saturday
    • 7:00 PM EST
    • 12 Aug
    • Saturday
    • 6:00 PM EST
    • 19 Aug
    • Saturday
    • 7:00 PM CST
    • 23 Aug
    • Wednesday
    • 8:00 PM EST
    • 27 Aug
    • Sunday
    • 4:30 PM EST
    • 09 Sep
    • Saturday
    • 5:00 PM EST
    • 16 Sep
    • Saturday
    • 7:30 PM PST
    • 20 Sep
    • Wednesday
    • 7:30 PM EST
    • 23 Sep
    • Saturday
    • 5:00 PM EST
    • 30 Sep
    • Saturday
    • 7:00 PM EST
    • 15 Oct
    • Sunday
    • 5:00 PM EST
    • 22 Oct
    • Sunday
    • 4:00 PM
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