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Brooklyn Nets 2016-17 Schedule

Oct. 26 at Boston 7:30
Oct. 28 Indiana 7:30
Oct. 29 at Milwaukee 8:00
Oct. 31 Chicago 7:30
Nov. 2 Detroit 7:30
Nov. 4 Charlotte 7:30
Nov. 8 Minnesota 7:30
Nov. 9 at New York 7:00
Nov. 12 at Phoenix 9:00
Nov. 14 at LA 10:30
Nov. 15 at Los Angeles 10:30
Nov. 18 at Oklahoma City 8:00
Nov. 20 Portland 3:30
Nov. 23 Boston 7:30
Nov. 25 at Indiana 8:00
Nov. 27 Sacramento 6:00
Nov. 29 LA 7:30
Dec. 1 Milwaukee 7:30
Dec. 3 at Milwaukee 5:00
Dec. 5 Washington 7:30
Dec. 7 Denver 7:30
Dec. 10 at San Antonio 8:30
Dec. 12 at Houston 8:00
Dec. 14 Los Angeles 7:30
Dec. 16 at Orlando 7:00
Dec. 18 at Philadelphia 6:00
Dec. 20 at Toronto 7:30
Dec. 22 Golden State 7:30
Dec. 23 at Cleveland 7:30
Dec. 26 Charlotte 7:30
Dec. 28 at Chicago 8:00
Dec. 30 at Washington 7:00
Jan. 2 Utah 7:30
Jan. 5 at Indiana 7:00
Jan. 6 Cleveland 7:30
Jan. 8 Philadelphia 12:00
Jan. 10 Atlanta 7:30
Jan. 12 New Orleans 7:30
Jan. 13 at Toronto 7:30
Jan. 15 Houston 6:00
Jan. 17 Toronto 7:30
Jan. 20 at New Orleans 8:00
Jan. 21 at Charlotte 7:00
Jan. 23 San Antonio 7:30
Jan. 25 Miami 7:30
Jan. 27 at Cleveland 7:30
Jan. 28 at Minnesota 9:00
Jan. 30 at Miami 7:30
Feb. 1 New York 7:30
Feb. 3 Indiana 7:30
Feb. 5 Toronto 12:00
Feb. 7 at Charlotte 7:00
Feb. 8 Washington 7:30
Feb. 10 Miami 7:30
Feb. 13 Memphis 7:30
Feb. 15 Milwaukee 7:30
Feb. 24 at Denver 9:00
Feb. 25 at Golden State 10:30
Mar. 1 at Sacramento 10:30
Mar. 3 at Utah 9:00
Mar. 4 at Portland 10:00
Mar. 6 at Memphis 8:00
Mar. 8 at Atlanta 7:30
Mar. 10 at Dallas 9:00
Mar. 12 New York 6:00
Mar. 14 Oklahoma City 7:30
Mar. 16 at New York 7:30
Mar. 17 Boston 7:30
Mar. 19 Dallas 12:00
Mar. 21 Detroit 7:30
Mar. 23 Phoenix 7:30
Mar. 24 at Washington 7:00
Mar. 26 at Atlanta 1:00
Mar. 28 Philadelphia 7:30
Mar. 30 at Detroit 7:30
Apr. 1 Orlando 6:00
Apr. 2 Atlanta 6:00
Apr. 4 at Philadelphia 7:00
Apr. 6 at Orlando 7:00
Apr. 8 Chicago 5:00
Apr. 10 at Boston 7:30
Apr. 12 at Chicago 8:00

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