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Charlotte Hornets History

The Hornets played their first NBA season in 1988-89 as the Charlotte Hornets. They were based in North Carolina at the time. Following financial problems and lack of support from the city, the team moved to New Orleans in 2001-2002. Hurricane Katrina caused a temporary move to Oklahoma City, yet the team returned to New Orleans in 2007-2008. Despite all the movement, New Orleans Hornets tickets have always sold very well. The Hornets have managed to make the playoffs 12 times in 24 seasons, which is a fairly good record. They have also won their division title once, yet have only managed five series victories in 12 playoff seasons. Fans were extremely excited to see their team in the playoffs, with record New Orleans Hornets tickets sales for those seasons. In 2005, the Hornets drafted Chris Paul from Wake Forest University. Paul has gone on to be one of the best point guards in the NBA, and recently helped lead Team USA to Olympic glory. The capture of Chris Paul was a welcome addition to the Hornets, particularly with the devastation of Katrina still being felt in their home city of New Orleans. His draft pick helped New Orleans tickets sales at a time when the team was in a period of low morale. The exceptional play of Paul and the charismatic coaching of Byron Scott was a combination that leads the team to the playoffs in 2007-2008. This was a particularly great season for sales of New Orleans Hornets tickets. Fans saw some great basketball and their team was Southwest Division champions. They also made the playoffs the following season and in 2010-2011. However, an NBA title or conference title eluded the Hornets. They will be hoping to buy New Orleans Hornets tickets for a conference or NBA title game soon enough.


Charlotte Hornets News

6-12-13: Next year they will no longer be called the Hornets; they will be the Pelicans. Question is can they win more than 27 games. One could assume the future is bright for this young roster. With the 6th overall pick and a slew of young talented players such as Anthony Davis and Greivis Vasquez, the Hornets have a decent foundation to build upon. They will have to improve upon an 11-30 road record and will need to look for an offensive punch to boost their scoring. The Hornets were the second to worst scoring team in the west. Monty Williams will be back as head coach starting his fourth straight season.

2-19-13: At 19-34, the Hornets are a young and talented team that just can’t seem to put together any sory of consistency. Eric Gordan ha returned to action and Greivis Vasquez is having a career year. The Hornets play to the same tune whether on the road or at home, but the tough and experienced western conference has been tough on them, holding them to a 10-23 in-conference record. As the team continues to grow and build, look for number 1 overall pick Anthony Davis to become a star. The second half of this season will be used for him to showcase himself as well as find his niche in this league. This week coming out of the break the Hornets will face the Bulls and Cavs.

11-26-12: The Hornets were the winners of the NBA draft lottery last year and took home the prized Anthony Davis. However at 3-9 they may have to reserve another seat at this year’s lottery if this play continues. Losers of seven straight the Hornets will like to get off the canvas this week when they face the Clippers and Jazz. Not an easy task by any means. Perhaps the reason for their losing streak is the poor defense they have played giving up over 100 points per contest. Monty Williams known as a defensive guru certainly needs to make an adjustment.

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