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Alamo Bowl Ticket Prices

Alamo Bowl Avg Prices Since 2010

Year Avg Price
2011 Washington Huskies vs. Baylor Bears: $212.85
2012 Texas Longhorns vs. Oregon State Beavers: $166.43
2013 Oregon Ducks vs Texas Longhorns: $196.68
2014 UCLA vs. Kansas State: $177.15


The Alamo Bowl has been a staple in subdivision bowl game history since its inception in 1993. As of the 2010 season, it has played host to a matchup between Big 12 and Pac-12 teams. It is played in San Antonio’s Alamodome each season, which is traditionally home to the UTSA Roadrunners football team and also hosts MLB’s Texas Rangers during exhibition games. The game has been sponsored by the San Antonio-based Valero Energy Corporation since 2007, making the bowl’s game officially known as the Valero Alamo Bowl. Previous conference tie-ins included the Southwest Conference (from 1993-94) and Big Ten Conference (from 1995-2009). In its 21-year history, the bowl game has sold out seven of its 16 games, with max-capacity games being played in 1995, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2011. The bowl’s first overtime game was played in 2002 between the Colorado Buffaloes of the Big 12 and Wisconsin Badgers of the Big Ten, in which unranked Wisconsin went on to beat No.14 Colorado 31-28 on a game-winning field goal. Six years later in the 2008 Alamo Bowl, Missouri and Northwestern battled in the second-ever overtime matchup, with Missouri defeating Northwestern 30-23. The highest-attended game in Alamo Bowl history was in 2007 when the Texas A&M Aggies played the Penn State Nittany Lions. Traditionally known to hold 65,000 seats, the Alamodome welcomed 66,166 people during its 2007 bowl game, allowing nearly 1,200 people standing room only views of the highly anticipated game. The game has also produced eight of the 20 most-viewed bowl games in ESPN history, with a 2006 matchup between Texas and Iowa producing more than 8.3 million viewers.

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Alamo Bowl News

1-5-15: The Bruins defeated the Wildcats 40-35 in what was Brett Hundley’s last game as the UCLA quarterback. Paul Perkins ran for 194 yards on 20 carries with two touchdowns. Hundley ran for 96 yards himself. The Bruins did hold a 31-6 lead at one point in the game, before Kansas State made a comeback of sorts cutting the lead to just 34-28. Tyler Lockett led K-State with 13 receptions for 164 yards and two touchdowns.

Alamo Bowl Video Highlights

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