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Cotton Bowl Ticket News

1-5-15: Michigan State overcame a 41-21 deficit in the fourth quarter to win the Cotton Bowl over Baylor in the final seconds with 21 unanswered points, 42-41. Bryce Petty threw for 550 yards and had three touchdowns for Baylor. The Bears were scoring on every single drive. In the fourth quarter the feared Michigan State defense showed up and played like they’re capable of. Baylor shouldn’t have lost that game. The Bears’ KD Cannon hauled in eight catches for 197 yards and two scores. Casey Coleman caught seven passes for 150 yards and a score. The Spartans were led by Jeremy Langford’s 162 yards rushing.

12-31-14: The Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic will host Michigan State and Baylor at AT&T Stadium tomorrow afternoon, where the average secondary price for tickets is now listed at $113.08 and get-in price starts at $29. Michigan State enters its final game of the season at 10-2 while Baylor tries to rub of a snubbing by the CFP committee following its win over Kansas State earlier this month.

12-30-14: Michigan State and Baylor will face off in this year’s Cotton Bowl, which will be held at AT&T Stadium on New Year’s Day. Michigan State has won its last three games against Maryland, Rutgers and Penn State, but will face a formidable opponent in Baylor this Thursday. The Bears enter the Cotton Bowl Game in the midst of a five-game win streak and a victory over Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship Game.

12-23-14: Another bowl game featured on New Year’s Day for college football is the Cotton Bowl as the Baylor Bears will take on the Michigan State Spartans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Baylor feels snubbed by the CFB playoff committee after being left out of the playoffs despite an 11-1 record in the regular season and a tie with TCU atop the Big 12 as they will take on a tough Spartans team who finished the season at 10-2 but failed to defeat a top team in the two chances they had this season with losses to Oregon and Ohio State. tickets have a current average price of $148.70 in the secondary market.

12-19-14: The Cotton Bowl is the opening game on New Year’s Day in what is a busy day for college football. This Bowl features an interesting matchup between the Michigan State Spartans against the Baylor Bears. The 2015 Cotton Bowl will take place at the home of Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington as Cotton Bowl tickets continue to plummet at a current average price of $173.47 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $43 as tickets are now down 21% over the past week. Baylor won their second consecutive Big 12 Championship but were snubbed out of the CFB playoffs despite an 11-1 record will be the favored team against Michigan State.

12-17-14: The Cotton Bowl will take place on New Year’s Day in Arlington at AT&T Stadium the home of the Dallas Cowboys where the Michigan State Spartans face off against the Baylor Bears. 2015 Cotton Bowl tickets have a current average price of $195.01 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $57 as tickets are now down 17% over the past week. The Baylor Bears had a tremendous year repeating as Big 12 Champions, but were snubbed out of the CFB playoff despite an 11-1 record. Baylor will look to take out their frustration on the Michigan State who will look to prove their a force with a bowl win over a strong opponent.

12-9-14: The 2015 Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Arlington between the Baylor Bears and Michigan State Spartans will take place on New Year’s Day. Both teams didn’t get good treatment from college football committee which has resulted in both teams being place in the Cotton Bowl as Baylor was one of the best teams in college football this year finishing at 11-1 and a tie for the top spot in the Big 12 with TCU handing the Horned Frogs their only loss of the season. Tickets have a current average price of $234.43 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $82 as tickets are now down 29% over the past week.

12-22-13: As of Sunday morning there were 17,486 tickets available to see the Missouri Tigers take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys s on January 4th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. The average price for tickets is $157.16, which is down 32 percent from a week ago. The cheapest available Cotton Bowl ticket is available for $42 and is located in .TiqZone 400's Corner in section 434, row 16. The most expensive Cotton Bowl ticket is available for $1,115 and is located in TiqZone 200's Center, section 210, row 5.

12-19-13: Cotton Bowl tickets are now averaging $170.43, which is down 35% in the last seven days and there are 18,985 tickets available. As of Thursday afternoon, the get-in price was $38, with the most expensive ticket available for $1,303.

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