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Pinstripe Bowl Tickets News

12-29-14: Penn State would come back to tie the game twice in the fourth quarter before beating Boston College 31-30 in overtime. The Eagles rushed for 285 yards, averaging 6.2 yards per carry, but it wasn't enough. Christian Hackenberg was 34-of-50 passes for 371 yards and four touchdowns on the day. The biggest play of the game was a Mike Knoll missed extra point attempt in overtime. Penn State would score on their next possession to win it.

12-26-14: The fifth annual Pinstripe Bowl will be held at Yankee Stadium this Saturday and will see Boston College take on Penn State. Their first eligible bowl game for the Nittany Lions in the post-Jerry Sandusky era, Penn State will hope to attract a large crowd in the stands in The Bronx this weekend. Boston College heads to Yankee Stadium at 7-5 on the season while Penn State went 6-6.

12-23-14: The Pinstripe Bowl will take place this Saturday at Yankee Stadium as the Boston College Eagles will take on the Penn State Nittany Lions. According to TicketIQ, Pinstripe Bowl tickets have a current average price of $158.10 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $72 as tickets are now down 35% over the past week. Penn State will look to end their season with a winning record and their first bowl victory in four years a 2010 bowl win at the Capital One Bowl over LSU. Boston College would like to end their season with a win after a solid but not great year at 7-5.

12-19-13: The average price for Pinstripe Bowl tickets is now $249.36, and there are 2,124 available on TicketIQ. Prices are down 12% this week and start at $98. The most expensive New Era Pinstripe Bowl ticket is available for $605.

Pinstripe Bowl Video Highlights

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Pinstripe Bowl History

Year-By-Year Results

Date played Winning team   Losing team  
12/30/2010 Syracuse 36 Kansas State 34
12/30/2011 Rutgers 27 Iowa State 13
12/29/2012 Syracuse 38 West Virginia 14
12/28/2013 Rutgers Notre Dame

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