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Date played Winning team   Losing team  
1/1/1935 Bucknell 26 Miami (FL) 0
1/1/1936 Catholic University 20 Mississippi 19
1/1/1937 Duquesne 13 Mississippi State 12
1/1/1938 Auburn 6 Michigan State 0
1/2/1939 Tennessee 17 Oklahoma 0
1/1/1940 Georgia Tech 21 Missouri 7
1/1/1941 Mississippi State 14 Georgetown 7
1/1/1942 Georgia 40 TCU 26
1/1/1943 Alabama 37 Boston College 21
1/1/1944 LSU 19 Texas A&M 14
1/1/1945 Tulsa 26 Georgia Tech 12
1/1/1946 Miami (FL) 13 Holy Cross 6
1/1/1947 Rice 8 Tennessee 0
1/1/1948 Georgia Tech 20 Kansas 14
1/1/1949 Texas 41 Georgia 28
1/2/1950 Santa Clara 21 Kentucky 13
1/1/1951 Clemson 15 Miami (FL) 14
1/1/1952 Georgia Tech 17 Baylor 14
1/1/1953 Alabama 61 Syracuse 6
1/1/1954 Oklahoma 7 Maryland 0
1/1/1955 Duke 34 Nebraska 7
1/2/1956 Oklahoma 20 Maryland 6
1/1/1957 Colorado 27 Clemson 21
1/1/1958 Oklahoma 48 Duke 21
1/1/1959 Oklahoma 21 Syracuse 6
1/1/1960 Georgia 14 Missouri 0
1/2/1961 Missouri 21 Navy 14
1/1/1962 LSU 25 Colorado 7
1/1/1963 Alabama 17 Oklahoma 0
1/1/1964 Nebraska 13 Auburn 7
1/1/1965 Texas 21 Alabama 17
1/1/1966 Alabama 39 Nebraska 28
1/2/1967 Florida 27 Georgia Tech 12
1/1/1968 Oklahoma 26 Tennessee 24
1/1/1969 Penn State 15 Kansas 14
1/1/1970 Penn State 10 Missouri 3
1/1/1971 Nebraska 17 LSU 12
1/1/1972 Nebraska 38 Alabama 6
1/1/1973 Nebraska 40 Notre Dame 6
1/1/1974 Penn State 16 LSU 9
1/1/1975 Notre Dame 13 Alabama 11
1/1/1976 Oklahoma 14 Michigan 6
1/1/1977 Ohio State 27 Colorado 10
1/2/1978 Arkansas 31 Oklahoma 6
1/1/1979 Oklahoma 31 Nebraska 24
1/1/1980 Oklahoma 24 Florida State 7
1/1/1981 Oklahoma 18 Florida State 17
1/1/1982 Clemson 22 Nebraska 15
1/1/1983 Nebraska 21 LSU 20
1/2/1984 Miami (FL) 31 Nebraska 30
1/1/1985 Washington 28 Oklahoma 17
1/1/1986 Oklahoma 25 Penn State 10
1/1/1987 Oklahoma 42 Arkansas 8
1/1/1988 Miami (FL) 20 Oklahoma 14
1/2/1989 Miami (FL) 23 Nebraska 3
1/1/1990 Notre Dame 21 Colorado 6
1/1/1991 Colorado 10 Notre Dame 9
1/1/1992 Miami (FL) 22 Nebraska 0
1/1/1993 Florida State 27 Nebraska 14
1/1/1994 Florida State 18 Nebraska 16
1/1/1995 Nebraska 24 Miami (FL) 17
1/1/1996 Florida State 31 Notre Dame 26
12/31/1996 Nebraska 41 Virginia Tech 21
1/2/1998 Nebraska 42 Tennessee 17
1/2/1999 Florida 31 Syracuse 10
1/1/2000 Michigan 35 Alabama 34
1/3/2001 Oklahoma 13 Florida State 2
1/2/2002 Florida 56 Maryland 23
1/2/2003 USC 38 Iowa 17
1/1/2004 Miami (FL) 16 Florida State 14
1/4/2005 USC 55 Oklahoma 19
1/3/2006 Penn State 26 Florida State 23
1/2/2007 Louisville 24 Wake Forest 13
1/3/2008 Kansas 24 Virginia Tech 21
1/1/2009 Virginia Tech 20 Cincinnati 7
1/5/2010 Iowa 24 Georgia Tech 14
1/3/2011 Stanford 40 Virginia Tech 12
1/4/2012 West Virginia 70 Clemson 33
1/1/2013 Florida State 31 Northern Illinois 10

Orange Bowl Ticket News

1-5-15: Georgia Tech’s triple-option attack ate up the Bulldogs for 452 rushing yards and 7.4 per-carry, as the Yellow Jackets downed Mississippi State 49-35 in the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Eve. Quarterback Justin Thomas ran for 121 yards on 14 carries, while throwing for 125 more on just 12 attempts. Oh and he scored three touchdowns. The Bulldogs Dak Prescott did settle down after a rocky start to throw for a career high 453 yards. The Yellow Jackets could be a threat in the ACC and national title picture next season.

12-31-14: This year’s Orange Bowl will be the final college football game played in 2014, where Mississippi State and Georgia Tech battle at Sun Life Stadium in Miami tonight. Mississippi State led a period of dominance in the season’s first half, though conference losses to Alabama and Ole Miss hindered their playoff chances down the stretch. The Bulldogs look to take advantage of the Yellow Jackets, who fell to Florida State in the ACC Championship Game earlier this month.

12-29-14: This year’s Orange Bowl Game will see Mississippi State take on Georgia Tech at Sun Life Stadium on New Year’s Day. The average price for Orange Bowl tickets is now just $44 and the game’s cheapest seat is listed at $2 on the secondary market. Both teams led impressive seasons though ultimately crumbled down the stretch, with Mississippi State losing crucial conference games to Alabama and Ole Miss while Georgia Tech fell to Florida State in the ACC Championship Game.

12-26-14: The Orange Bowl Game will be played between Mississippi State and Georgia Tech this year. On the heels of a regular season that saw the team climb the ranks and position themselves as the No. 1 team in the country early, the Bulldogs suffered crucial losses to Alabama and Ole Miss down the stretch and fell out of the playoff picture in the season’s latter half. Georgia Tech nearly took a victory from Florida State in the ACC Championship Game, though fell by a final score of 37-35. The Orange Bowl will be held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami on New Year’s Eve.

12-23-14: The Orange Bowl will take place on New Year’s Eve as the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Mississippi State Bulldogs will face each other at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. Orange Bowl tickets according to TicketIQ, have a current average price of $63.61 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $2 as tickets are now down 39% over the past week. Mississippi State started the season unranked but won nine straight games to start their season but ended up with two losses for the year that cost them a chance for CFB playoff as they take on a dangerous Yellow Jacket team that know how to run the football.

12-9-14: Mississippi State and Georgia Tech will battle in this year’s Orange Bowl, which will be held in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium on New Year’s Eve. The Bulldogs had a dominant start to the season, winning their first nine games before falling to Alabama in a Week 10 game in Tuscaloosa. A November 29 loss to Ole Miss also made Mississippi State slip in the final CFP rankings. Georgia Tech will play Mississippi State on the heels of a two-point shootout loss to Florida State in the ACC Championship last weekend. The Yellow Jackets went 10-3 on the season and 6-2 in ACC match ups.

12-22-13: As of Sunday morning there were 14,963 2014 Orange Bowl tickets available to see Ohio State take on the Clemson Tigers on January 3rd at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. The average price for Orange Bowl tickets is now $163.57, down 9% from a week ago. The get-in price for Orange Bowl tickets is just $4, and those seats can be found in zone Standing Room in section GA, and their are four available. The most expensive ticket for the 2014 Orange Bowl is available for $2,546 and can be found in TiqZone 100's Corner, Section 122 row 23.

12-19-13: Tickets for the Orange Bowl are now averaging $168.69 on the secondary market and we currently have 17,256 available. Prices are down 11% this week and start at just $3. The most expensive Orange Bowl ticket is available for $2,165.

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