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Date played West / PCC / Pac-12 East / Big Ten
1/1/1902 Stanford 0 Michigan 49
1/1/1916 Washington State 14 Brown 0
1/1/1917 Oregon 14 Pennsylvania 0
1/1/1918 Mare Island - USMC 19 Camp Lewis - US Army 7
1/1/1919 Mare Island - USMC 0 Great Lakes - US Navy 17
1/1/1920 Oregon 6 Harvard 7
1/1/1921 California 28 Ohio State 0
1/2/1922 California 0 Washington & Jefferson 0
1/1/1923 USC 14 Penn State 3
1/1/1924 Washington 14 Navy 14
1/1/1925 Stanford 10 Notre Dame 27
1/1/1926 Washington 19 Alabama 20
1/1/1927 Stanford 7 Alabama 7
1/2/1928 Stanford 7 Pittsburgh 6
1/1/1929 California 7 Georgia Tech 8
1/1/1930 USC 47 Pittsburgh 14
1/1/1931 Washington State 0 Alabama 24
1/1/1932 USC 21 Tulane 12
1/2/1933 USC 35 Pittsburgh 0
1/1/1934 Stanford 0 Columbia 7
1/1/1935 Stanford 13 Alabama 29
1/1/1936 Stanford 7 SMU 0
1/1/1937 Washington 0 Pittsburgh 21
1/1/1938 California 13 Alabama 0
1/2/1939 USC 7 Duke 3
1/1/1940 USC 14 Tennessee 0
1/1/1941 Stanford 21 Nebraska 13
1/1/1942 Oregon State 20 Duke 16
1/1/1943 UCLA 0 Georgia 9
1/1/1944 USC 29 Washington 0
1/1/1945 USC 25 Tennessee 0
1/1/1946 USC 14 Alabama 34
1/1/1947 UCLA 14 Illinois 45
1/1/1948 Southern California 0 Michigan 49
1/1/1949 California 14 Northwestern 20
1/2/1950 California 14 Ohio State 17
1/1/1951 California 6 Michigan 14
1/1/1952 Stanford 7 Illinois 40
1/1/1953 USC 7 Wisconsin 0
1/1/1954 UCLA 20 Michigan State 28
1/1/1955 USC 7 Ohio State 20
1/2/1956 UCLA 14 Michigan State 17
1/1/1957 Oregon State 19 Iowa 35
1/1/1958 Oregon 7 Ohio State 10
1/1/1959 California 12 Iowa 38
1/1/1960 Washington 44 Wisconsin 8
1/2/1961 Washington 17 Minnesota 7
1/1/1962 UCLA 3 Minnesota 21
1/1/1963 USC 42 Wisconsin 37
1/1/1964 Washington 7 Illinois 17
1/1/1965 Oregon State 7 Michigan 34
1/1/1966 UCLA 14 Michigan State 12
1/2/1967 USC 13 Purdue 14
1/1/1968 USC 14 Indiana 3
1/1/1969 USC 16 Ohio State 27
1/1/1970 USC 10 Michigan 3
1/1/1971 Stanford 27 Ohio State 17
1/1/1972 Stanford 13 Michigan 12
1/1/1973 USC 42 Ohio State 17
1/1/1974 USC 21 Ohio State 42
1/1/1975 USC 18 Ohio State 17
1/1/1976 UCLA 23 Ohio State 10
1/1/1977 USC 14 Michigan 6
1/2/1978 Washington 27 Michigan 20
1/1/1979 USC 17 Michigan 10
1/1/1980 USC 17 Ohio State 16
1/1/1981 Washington 6 Michigan 23
1/1/1982 Washington 28 Iowa 0
1/1/1983 UCLA 24 Michigan 14
1/2/1984 UCLA 45 Illinois 9
1/1/1985 USC 20 Ohio State 17
1/1/1986 UCLA 45 Iowa 28
1/1/1987 Arizona State 22 Michigan 15
1/1/1988 USC 17 Michigan State 20
1/2/1989 USC 14 Michigan 22
1/1/1990 USC 17 Michigan 10
1/1/1991 Washington 46 Iowa 34
1/1/1992 Washington 34 Michigan 14
1/1/1993 Washington 31 Michigan 38
1/1/1994 UCLA 16 Wisconsin 21
1/2/1995 Oregon 20 Penn State 38
1/1/1996 USC 41 Northwestern 32
1/1/1997 Arizona State 17 Ohio State 20
1/1/1998 Washington State 16 Michigan 21
1/1/1999 UCLA 31 Wisconsin 38
1/1/2000 Stanford 9 Wisconsin 17
1/1/2001 Washington 34 Purdue 24
1/3/2002 Miami (FL) 37 Nebraska 14
1/1/2003 Washington State 14 Oklahoma 34
1/1/2004 USC 28 Michigan 14
1/1/2005 Texas 38 Michigan 37
1/4/2006 USC 38 Texas 41
1/1/2007 USC 32 Michigan 18
1/1/2008 USC 49 Illinois 17
1/1/2009 USC 38 Penn State 24
1/1/2010 Oregon 17 Ohio State 26
1/1/2011 TCU 21 Wisconsin 19
1/2/2012 Oregon 45 Wisconsin 38
1/1/2013 Stanford 20 Wisconsin 14

Rose Bowl News

1-5-15: Oregon put an end to Florida State's 29-game winning streak by absolutely crushing the Seminoles 59-20. The Ducks will face the Ohio State Buckeyes in the National Title game. The 59 points scored was the first time a team scored 50 or more points in the Rose Bowl. Marcus Mariota, who will be the number one pick in the NFL draft, was 26-of-36 for 338 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for another 62 yards and a score.

12-31-14: The first semifinal game this year will be the Rose Bowl Game between Oregon and Florida State tomorrow evening. Two Heisman Trophy winners will be under center for the Ducks and Seminoles in Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. The premiere matchup has not gone unnoticed on the secondary ticket market, either. The average secondary price for Rose Bowl tickets is now $257.84 and get-in price is $114, trailing only its semifinal counterpart in the Sugar Bowl as the most expensive bowl game this season.

12-30-14: Just two days remain before the Rose Bowl Game kicks off in Pasadena, California. The newly-formed semifinal game will see Oregon and Florida State play for rights to the first-ever National Championship Game, which will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on January 12. The game will feature two top-tier and Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks in Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and FSU’s Jameis Winston. Expect plenty of offense in the first of two New Year’s Day semifinal games.

12-29-14: Just three days remain before the Rose Bowl Game kicks off in Pasadena, California. The game will see No. 2 Oregon take on No. 3 Florida State in a battle for National Championship Game contention. The average price for Rose Bowl Game tickets is now $215.91 and get-in price starts at $84 on the secondary market.

12-26-14: This year’s Rose Bowl Game will play host to No. 2 Oregon and No. 3 Florida State on New Year’s Day, who will battle for a spot in the first annual National Championship Game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The game will feature two of the nation’s top quarterback prospects in Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and FSU’s Jameis Winston. The first-ever semifinal bracket, the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl Games will decide the contenders in the January 12 Championship Game.

12-23-14: The CFP is just 9 days away as the 101st Rose Bowl features a fun matchup between the No. 2 ranked Oregon Ducks against the No. 3 ranked Florida State. Currently, tickets have a current average price of $261.47, with a get in price of $81 as tickets in average price continue to plummet and are now down 30% over the past week. Oregon badly wants to reach the final at Jerry World but will have to get thorough the only undefeated team in the nation in Florida State as this game pits the last two Heisman Trophy winners in Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota and Florida State’s Jameis Winston.

12-19-14: The College Football semifinals is less than two weeks away as the new playoff system is in its first year of use. Though the new playoff system can’t be considered perfect, it’s arguable that these are the four most deserving teams to compete for the college football championship. The 2015 Rose Bowl on New Year’s day is a very good matchup between two of the most recent Heisman Trophy winners Marcus Mariota of the Oregon Ducks and Jameis Winston of the Florida State Seminoles. Oregon will look to snap the Seminoles 29 game winning streak dating back to 2012 season as Florida State look for a second straight championship season while remaining undefeated.

12-17-14: The 2015 Rose Bowl is much anticipated as the Oregon Ducks and Florida State Seminoles will face off on New Year’s Day in the semifinals of the College Football Playoff. Oregon has had a sensational season led by Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota. Oregon avenged their only blemish of the season with a 38 point blowout over Arizona in the Pac 12 Championship game. Florida State while having another undefeated season, have not been a dominating team this season, but continue to impress with several come from behind wins. 2015 Rose Bowl tickets according to TicketIQ have a current average price of $367.06 in the secondary market, with a get in price of $134.

12-9-14: The 2015 Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California is all set with the Oregon Ducks taking on the undefeated Florida State Seminoles on New Year’s Day in this college football playoff semifinal. This semifinal matchup has everything a college football fan can ask for with two national brands that even most casual fans of the sport follow with two big name quarterbacks Florida St. Jameis Winston who won the Heisman in 2013 and the Ducks Marcus Mariota who’s this year’s overwhelming Heisman favorite after a sensational 2014 season. The two teams combined have a record of 25-1 this season in what should be a terrific semifinal matchup.

12-30-13: In the last four days tickets have dipped another $30, bringing the average price down to $608.01. There are now 933 tickets available on TicketIQ, down 67% since Thursday. The least expensive ticket is for sale for $294, while the highest priced ticket available is on offer for $2100.

12-26-13: Tickets are now averaging under $700, and that price currently sits at $639.74, down 28% over the last seven days. There are 2846 tickets available on The most expensive ticket for the game is $2255 and the least expensive ticket available is $306. Stanford is 6 point favorites to beat the Michigan State Spartans.

12-24-13: The average price for tickets is now $687.13. That price is down 45% over the last seven days, and is down 54% from when prices peaked at $1499 back in October. The get-in price for tickets is now $278, and the most expensive ticket for the Rose Bowl is $4263, which is actually more expensive that the top priced ticket for the BCS National Championship game.

12-22-13: As of Sunday morning there were 6,941 tickets available to see Michigan State take on Stanford. The average price for tickets is now $707.57, down a whopping 57% this week. The get-in price for tickets is $302, that seat can be found in zone "corner" in section 27, row 76. The most expensive ticket for the 2014 Rose Bowl is in section 24 corner, row 75 and is on offer for $3,536.

12-19-13: As of Thursday morning, there were 2,442 tickets available on The average price is $875.41, down 42% this week. The get-in price is down to $295, while the most expensive Rose Bowl ticket is $4,726.

12-18-13: As of Wednesday morning there were 2,380 tickets available on, up 500 since yesterday. The average price for tickets is now $889.48, down 41% since last week. The cheapest available tickets are $308, and the most expensive tickets are currently $4,726.

12-17-13: There are currently 1887 Rose Bowl tickets available with an average price of $1096.46. Prices are down 14% this week. On the low end fans can get their tickets for as low as $448. The most expensive Rose Bowl tickets currently available are $4726 each.

12-8-13: After beating Ohio State is the Big Ten Championship game on Saturday, the Michigan State Spartans will be playing in this year's Rose Bowl. They will take on Stanford, who beat Arizona State in the PAC-12 Championship game.

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