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Stanley Cup Playoffs News

4-11-16: The opening round of the 2016 NHL Playoffs is officially set. In the East, the Florida Panthers will take on the New York Islanders, the Tampa Bay Lightning face the Detroit Red Wings, the Washington Capitals play the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers battle the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the West, the Dallas Stars play the Minnesota Wild, the St. Louis Blues face the Chicago Blackhawks, the Anaheim Ducks take on the Nashville Predators and the Los Angeles Kings play the San Jose Sharks. Below is a price breakdown of each opening series, including series average and the cheapest games in each team's home arena:

Eastern Conference

Florida Panthers (A1) vs New York Islanders (WC1) | Series Avg: $204.93 | Cheapest Game in FLA: Game 1 ($64) | Cheapest Game in NY: Game 3 ($54)

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs Detroit Red Wings (A3) | Series Avg: $153.01 | Cheapest Game in TB: Game 1 ($43) | Cheapest Game in DET: Games 3 ($61)

Washington Capitals (M1) vs Philadelphia Flyers (WC2) | Series Avg: $231.69 | Cheapest Game in WAS: Game 1 ($75) | Cheapest Game in PHI: Game 4 ($115)

Pittsburgh Penguins (M2) vs New York Rangers (M3) | Series Avg: $215.88 | Cheapest Game in PIT: Game 1 ($70) | Cheapest Game in NY: Game 3 ($200)

Western Conference

Dallas Stars (C1) vs Minnesota Wild (WC2) | Series Avg: $262.52 | Cheapest Game in DAL: Game 1 ($90) | Cheapest Game in MIN: Game 4 ($124)

St. Louis Blues (C2) vs Chicago Blackhawks (C3) | Series Avg: $261.74 | Cheapest Game in STL: Game 1 ($82) | Cheapest Game in CHI: Game 4 ($153)

Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs Nashville Predators (WC1) | Series Avg: $150.18 | Cheapest Game in ANA: Game 1 ($49) | Cheapest Game in Nashville: Game 3 ($73)

Los Angeles Kings (P2) vs San Jose Sharks (P3) | Series Avg: $227.62 | Cheapest Game in LA: Game 1 ($88) | Cheapest Game in SJ: Game 4 ($60)

5-20-15: Here's a look at ticket prices for both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals:

6-3-14: The NHL Playoffs will venture into the final frontier as the Stanley Cup Finals begin tomorrow in Los Angeles. Average price for Game 1 at the Staples Center is $1,353.60. The series will travel to New York for Games 3 and 4 next week.

5-29-14: The NHL Playoffs continue tonight when the New York Rangers host the Montreal Canadiens in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Rangers currently lead the series 3-2 and look to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994.

5-27-14: The NHL Playoffs have seen the both Rangers and Kings go up 3-1 in their respective series. The Eastern Conference Finals continues tonight when the Rangers and Canadiens play Game 5 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

5-22-14: After a disappointing loss in Game 2 Wednesday, the Blackhawks look to turn things around when they travel to L.A. Saturday for Game 3. The NHL Playoffs will also host Game 4 of the Rangers/Canadiens series on Sunday.

5-21-14: The NHL Playoffs skate farther into the Conference Finals this week. The defending Champion Chicago Blackhawks have taken a 1-0 series lead against the L.A. Kings in the West while the Rangers are up 2-0 over the Montreal Canadiens in the East.

5-15-14: The NHL Playoffs will enter the Conference Finals this Saturday. The New York Rangers will play the Montreal Canadiens in the East while the Chicago Blackhawks wait for either the Anaheim Ducks or the LA Kings, who will play a decisive Game 7 Friday night.

5-12-14: The NHL playoffs divisional finals are nearing their end. The Rangers have stormed back from a 3-1 deficit to force a Game 7 tomorrow. Also in the east, the Bruins and Canadiens take part in Game 6 tonight. Out west, the Ducks and Kings are deadlocked at 2-2 after a weekend comeback from Anaheim. The Blackhawks will also look to return to the conference finals with a 3-2 lead over Minnesota.

5-7-14: Now into the second round of the NHL playoffs, the Bruins have the highest average ticket price overall with their opponents, the Montreal Canadiens close behind Out west, the Blackhawks lead the way followed by the Kings. The Penguins have the cheapest overall tickets while the Ducks are cheapest in the west.

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