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"On the Twentieth Century" musical returned to Broadway as part of the 2015 Broadway Revival debuting at the American Airlines Theater this past March for limited run on Broadway closing on July 19. Kristin Chenoweth and Peter Gallaher star in this classic musical about a down and out producer looking to get his ex flame to star in his new show in hopes of saving his career and rekindling the relationship with his ex.

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On the Twentieth Century News

6-22-15: The new Broadway revival "On the Twentieth Century" opened to some rave reviews and received multiple Tony Award nominations including for Best Actress in a musical.

On the Twentieth Century Live Performance Videos

On The Twentieth Century on Broadway Schedule

Sunday - 2 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Tuesday - 8 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Wednesday - 2 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Wednesday - 8 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Thursday - 8 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Friday - 8 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Saturday - 2 PM at American Airlines Theatre
Saturday - 8 PM at American Airlines Theatre

On the Twentieth Century History

On The Twentieth Century is a unique musical revival that took the stage, and the train, by storm. It was based off of the 1934 Howard Hanks film, Twentieth Century, and the 1932 play of the same name. This operetta-style scored musical took its first Broadway debut in 1978 and received a successful number of Tony Award nominations, totalling 9 and winning 5 of them. The revival of the musical received 5 total Tony Award nominations in this year’s season on Broadway. The show is set to close its doors at the American Airlines Theatre in mid July of this year.

This revived comedic musical tells the story of the Broadway producer Oscar Jaffe (Peter Gallagher), who is completely struggling to convince his former star, and ex-lover, Lily Garland (Kristin Chenoweth), now a famous film actress, to come back to Broadway and star in his newest drama. The catch of it all: this newfound drama hasn’t even been written yet. A tale of jealousy, love, and comedy all set to a beautiful score, Oscar just wants to lure his muse back to the stage and salvage his desperately dying career all while aboard a luxury train.

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