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About Levi's Stadium


Levi's Stadium is located at 4900 Marie P, DeBartolo Way in Santa Clara, California 95054.


The brand new stadium has a capacity of 68,500 seats but can be expanded to as many as 75,000 to host major events.


Levi's Stadium first broke ground in 2012, taking two years to complete and opened on July 17, 2014.

Home Teams

Levi's Stadium is the home of the San Francisco 49ers and will host many major events in the coming future such as Super Bowl 50 in February 2016, Wrestle Mania 31 in March of 2015, and the 2015 NHL Stadium Series.


Traveling from the North Bay Area / San Francisco, take 101 south towards Santa Clara. Follow signage to the parking lots.

Traveling from the South Bay Area / Peninsula, take 101 towards Santa Clara. Follow signage to the parking lots.

Traveling from the Southern East Bay Area / Hayward, take 880 south to 237 westbound towards Santa Clara. Follow signage to the parking lots.

Traveling from the Northern East Bay Area / Oakland, take 80 west over the Bay Bridge and then 101 south towards Santa Clara. Follow signage to the parking lots.


There are various different parking lots surrounding Levi's Stadium with over 31,000 spaces for automobiles. The lots associated with Levi's Stadium open fours before kickoff. Prices vary depending on the event but for 49ers games prices will range between $40 to $60.

Gate Locations and Openings

There are 6 different gate entrances in Levi's Stadium located on each side of the venue. Opening times of those gates will vary on an event by event basis.

Bag Policy

In compliance with the NFL bag policy, Levi's stadium prohibits all bags, backpacks, and other carriers from being brought into the venue. However, clear plastic bags that do not exceed 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches, one gallon clear plastic zip lock type bags, and a small clutch bag the size of an adult hand or does not exceed 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches are approved.

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