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About Pendergast Family Farm

The stars will be coming out in Glendale, Arizona for the DirecTV Super Fan Festival at the Pendergast Family Farm as part of the festivities in Super Bowl Week. This Event is a three day music festival that will kick off this Wednesday beginning daily at 5pm and conclude on Friday January 30. The musical festival will feature 12 artists at the Pendergast Farm which is located across the University of Phoenix Stadium.

There are still 152 tickets left on TicketIQ for Friday’s main event of the three day music festival which will feature Rihanna as each year, DirecTV presents music’s biggest stars such as Katy Perry in 2012, Justin Timberlake in 2013, Jay Z and Beyonce in 2014, and now Rihanna for 2015. DirecTV Super Bowl party tickets for this Saturday have a current average price of $1102.71 on the secondary market, with the least expensive ticket to get in at $875 and the maximum priced ticket is $2,250 as tickets are now down 21% over the past week.

The opening show this Wednesday, Zac Brown Band will headline the bill along with Rhett, Hunt, and the Cadillac Three. Calvin Harris will headline Thursday’s bill and will perform at the DirecTV Super Fan Stage along with Alesso, Jason Derulo, Magic!, and Becky G who will preceding the main event on this day and perform at the HGTV Lodge. For this Friday of the Direct TV music festival on January 30, the performers featured are Imagine Dragons and Snoop Dogg who will be performing on the DirecTV Super Fan Stage. Rihanna’s Super Saturday performance the night before the Super Bowl will be transformed to host this event because unfortunately this is an invite only show as there is still no word if tickets for this performance will be sold to the general public last minute.

Parking is free for this event as fans have the choice of getting tickets for any day of their choice of the Super Bowl party or fans could simply buy the three day package to catch all of the upcoming performances at the Pendergast Family Farm.

The festival also features other activities such as a mechanical bull, a zip line, a carnival style shooting range, a par-3 closest to the pin contest, a football skills challenge hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and other events for fans to win cash and prizes.

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