Qualcomm Stadium

9449 Friars Rd , San Diego California

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Qualcomm Stadium


Qualcomm Stadium is located at 9449 Friars Road in San Diego, California. It resides in the 92108 zip code.


For San Diego Chargers games, the stadium holds a capacity of 70,561. For San Diego Padres games, it has a capacity of 67,544.

Year Built

Ground broke in December of 1965, with Qualcomm Stadium officially opening on August 20, 1967.

Home Teams

Qualcomm Stadium is home to the San Diego Chargers of the NFL, the San Diego Padres of the MLB, and San Diego State Aztecs football as part of the NCAA. It also hosts the Holiday and Poinsettia Bowls, both NCAA football games.


Qualcomm Stadium is primarily accessed by I-5 and I-8 from all four major directions. From the North and South, I-5 is the most used route. From the East and West, I-8 is the most used route.

North from I-5

Drive South on I-5 and turn East on I-8. Turn North on Qualcomm Way then turn East on Friars Road. Turn right into the first parking lot entrance.

South from I-5

Drive North on I-5 to 805. Turn East on I-8 and then North on Mission Gorge. Turn West on San Diego Mission Road and look for the entrance gate on your left.

East from I-8

Drive West on I-8 and turn off the Mission Gorge off-ramp. Turn North on Mission Gorge then West on San Diego Mission Road. Look for the entrance gate on your left.

West from I-8

Drive East on I-8 and turn North on Qualcomm Way. Turn East on Friars Road and turn right into the first parking lot entrance.


Qualcomm Stadium boasts over 166 acres of parking and more than 19,000 parking spaces for fans driving to the game. There are four general parking lots, labeled Areas 1-4. Sections 1-16 should use Area 1, sections 36-61 should use Area 2, Sections 25-44 should use Area 3, and Sections 8-24 should use Area 4.

Parking rates are as follows

San Diego Chargers: Outer Ring Cars-$25, Inner Ring Cars-$45-$75, RVs - $80-150, Buses-$150, Limousines-$150 San Diego State University: Outer Ring Cars-$10, Inner Ring Cars, RVs, Buses, Limousines-$20 Monster Jam and Supercross: Outer Ring Cars, Inner Ring Cars-$20, RVs, Buses, Limousines-$60 Holiday and Poinsettia Bowls: Outer Ring Cars, Inner Ring Cars-$20, RVs, Buses, Limousines-$60 Major Events: Outer Ring Cars, Inner Ring Car -$20, RVs, Buses, Limousines-$60

Gate Locations and Openings

Qualcomm Stadium has 14 accessible gates, labeled in alphabetical order from A-P, excluding a Gate I and Gate O. The stadium gates run from the North section of the stadium counterclockwise around the venue, with Gate A located just east of the northernmost section of the stadium. Gate J is located at the southernmost section of the stadium and the last lettered gate, Gate P, is located just east of Gate A in the northeastern section of the venue. For Chargers games, gates open 1.5 hours prior to kickoff. For all other events, gates open 2 hours prior to game time.

Bag Policy

Qualcomm Stadium follows the new NFL Bag Policy, which allows clear bags that do not exceed a 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches size. Clear freezer bags (Ziploc) are also permissible. Small clutch bags that are the size of a hand, with or without a handle strap, are also acceptable. All bags are subject to search by venue personnel. If persons refuse a bag search, they will not be granted access into Qualcomm Stadium.

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