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World Cup Tickets News

7-11-14: Despite a large 9% decrease in average ticket price, the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina is still the most expensive championship ticket of the year, at an average asking price of $6,863. The 3rd place match saw a small dip in price and now averages $1,325 on the secondary market.

7-10-14: For the first time ever, a World Cup semifinals match was decided by Penalty Kicks after a 0-0 draw. Argentina came away with the edge and a World Cup Final berth against Germany this weekend. The Netherlands will take on the hometown Brazil, who are looking to recover from an embarrassing semi-finals performance against the now-favorite Germany.

7-9-14: Social Media buzz around the World Cup exploded yesterday as Germany jumped out to a massive lead against Brazil, eventually scoring 7 unanswered goals. Common thoughts about the game trending included the famous Anchorman quote “That Escalated Quickly”, and pictures of Brazil fans emotionally scarred. Germany advances to the final this Sunday while Brazil will play in the 3rd place match this Saturday.

7-8-14: With just 4 matches to go in the World Cup, anticipation for the remaining squads is high. There seems to be no different feeling in the ticket market, with the current overall price of the remaining World Cup tickets at $5417.13. The final is by far the priciest of the bunch, at a nearly $8,000 average ticket price. The most expensive ticket listed is $9,782.

7-7-14: The World Cup has finally entered it's Final Four with Brazil set to face Germany on Tuesday and Argentina and the Netherlands squaring off on Wednesday. Surprisingly, the second match is currently more expensive World Cup ticket at an average price of over $3,000. The final on July 13th has reached it's highest mark yet, with the cheapest ticket nearly $5,000.

7-3-14: With the World Cup quarterfinals starting tomorrow, only one match has an average ticket price below $1,000. The Netherlands vs Costa Rica match currently averages $550.50, which an absolute bargain compared to the remainder of World Cup tickets. The 2nd most expensive quarterfinal game is Brazil vs. Colombia at an average resale price of $1,188.00

7-2-14: While the United States men's national team's World Cup hopes floundered during their extra time loss to Belgium, goalie Tom Howard has cemented himself into World Cup lore with a fantastic performance throughout the tournament. He's even been the subject of a barrage of memes featuring him making diving saves in front of unfortunate events including scenes from “The Lion King” and “Titanic”.

7-1-14: The World Cup's quarterfinals continue to be determined in extra time, as Argentina and Switzerland currently need extra time to decide a winner. Both matches on Monday were decided in regulation as France blanked Nigeria 2-0 and Germany passed Algeria 2-1. As of June 30th, no African teams remain in competition.

6-30-14: The World Cup Round of 16 has already seen 2 games end with penalty kicks after ties in regulation time. Brazil advanced over Chile with PK's on Saturday while Costa Rica continued their improbable run surpassing Greece after kicks. The Netherlands also defeated Mexico on Sunday and Colombia defeated Uruguay 2-0 on Saturday.

6-27-14: After a 1-0 loss to Germany, the United States found themselves in the Round of 16 for the second consecutive time. Despite the loss, the goal differential put them ahead of both Portugal and Ghana. They'll play Belgium on Tuesday, and are currently some of the cheapest World Cup tickets in the knockout round.

6-26-14: Today's World Cup lineup is full of implications for Group G, aka the “Group Of Death”. Both games are at 12 noon with United States facing Germany and Portugal squaring off against Ghana. The United States and Germany each guarantee an advance with a win or draw, leading some to speculate as to when and if the coaches of each team will decide to pull back their players and accept the draw decision.

6-25-14: Luis Suarez became a house hold name after the Uruguay star bit an Italian defender during Uruguay's 1-0 victory yesterday, knocking out Italy. Suarez quickly became an internet sensation as a number of memes popped up immediately. Even bite-victim Evander Holyfield got into the action, taking a jab at Suarez on twitter. It's not all a laughing matter though, as Suarez may end up being banned for the remainder of the World Cup.

6-23-14: The United States Men's National team saw a sure fire pass into the round of 16 dwindle with a last second goal given up to end their stellar game vs Portugal at a 2-2 tie. They will face Germany in their final match of the opening round. Yesterday's action also included Belgium defeating Russia 1-0 and Algeria doubling up the Korea Republic 4-2.

6-20-14: England has been eliminated from the World Cup after a loss to Uruguay and a Costa Rica win over Italy earlier today. This continues the trend of upsets as defending champions Spain were eliminated from contention on Tuesday. Today's action also includes Switzerland vs France and Honduras vs Ecuador, both airing on ESPN.

6-19-14: Wednesday's World Cup action saw the biggest shocker of the Cup thus far as Chile defeated Spain 2-0, ultimately eliminating Spain from advancing. Croatia shut out Cameroon 4-0 and Netherlands squeaked by Australia 3-2. Today's action includes Colombia/Cote d'Ivoire, Uruguay/England, and Japan vs Greece. The cheapest World Cup tickets for today's game is Australia/Netherlands.

6-18-14: Yesterday's World Cup action saw two draws and another close match. Belgium defeated Algeria 2-1 while Russia and Korea tied at 1. In the highlight match of the day; Brazil and Mexico fought evenly to a 0-0 draw. The US will return to action Sunday vs Portugal. Brazil's next match is Monday vs Cameroon.

6-17-14: The United States gained their first victory in the 2014 World Cup defeating Ghana 2-1. The US Men's National Team was eliminated from the World Cup in the previous two meetings. Star Clint Dempsey contributed the first goal for the US less than one minute into play. Neither team would score again until the second half where the US ultimately came out ahead.

6-16-14: World Cup Results from the first weekend of action included Brazil defeating Croatia in the opening match, 3-1. Friday was an unlucky 13th for Spain as they fell 5-1 to the Netherlands. Mexico & Chile also saw victory that day. Saturday was highlighted by a 2-1 Italy victory over England but also saw Colombia, Costa Rica, and Cote d'Ivoire come away victorious. Sunday featured two 2-1 results with Argentina and Switzerland as victors. France also shut out Honduras 3-0.

6-11-14: Despite early rumors of her cancellation, Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she will be performing her song “We Are One” before Brazil's opening match vs Croatia. With extremely limited inventory available for that game, the average price is currently $1919, 172% above the World Cup average price. It is the most expensive non-semifinal or finals match of this year's World Cup. Brazil match vs Mexico on Tuesday currently averages $1340 on the secondary market, the second most expensive opening round World Cup tickets. Brazil's final opening round match vs Cameroon is trending downward 8% this week to an $823 average ticket price.

6-6-14: A cog was thrown in France's World Cup hopes when it was announced that Franck Ribery will miss the entire World Cup due to injury. France is currently scheduled to play Honduras, Switzerland, and Ecuador in the opening rounds. Of the three, the match vs Switzerland features the cheapest secondary market tickets.

6-4-14: According to an article posted on along with TicketIQ data, games featuring the United State average nearly $100 less per ticket compared to the overall average for their group. The game vs Germany features the most expensive World Cup tickets for the USMNT while Portugal is currently the cheapest, averaging $398 per ticket on the secondary market.

5-12-14: The June 22nd match between United States and Portugal is now the cheapest World Cup tickets involving the US men's national team. At an average ticket price of $435 on the secondary market, it is down from $537 just one week ago. At $236, this match also has the cheapest “get-in” price of any of the United States games.

4-24-14: According to a recent article ran in the Associated Press, Team USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann is close to finalizing his 23 man roster for this year's World Cup. Forward Jozy Altidore is expected to lead the names. Team USA's 3 opening round games currently average $666.16 per ticket on the secondary market.

4-21-14: The Brazilian government looks to take advantage of the increased tourism around the World Cup by issuing an inflation spike. Services and good such as airline tickets, hotels, and restaurant bills could see anywhere from a 2% to 6% increase. Currently, the overall average price for World Cup tickets is $785. The average price for Brazil's match ups are the highest of the tournament, at $1449.

4-18-14: Chinese customs have taken control of over 1,000 replica World Cup trophies. Numerous boxes of the fakes we're seized at a Chinese warehouse. World Cup tickets currently average $814 on the secondary market. The cheapest match is Belguim vs Algeria on June 17th. The most expensive is the to be determined championship game.

4-14-14: According to a poll hosted by Reuters/Ipsos, nearly two-thirds of American have no plans to follow this summer's World Cup tournament. While soccer has grown in the United States via the MLS and more international stars playing for local teams, interest in the sport is still nowhere near that of the 4 major sports.

4-10-14: Joel Campbell of the Costa Rican national team, and Arsenal, admitting to buying 100 packs of Panini World Cup stickers in an effort to acquire one of himself. He was upset to find that off the 500 total, his wasnt one of them. There are 640 different variations of cards available in the set.

4-8-14: ABC News has reported that the airports in Brazil may not be ready for the increased World Cup travel and tourism. With fans expected from all countries involved in the tournament, only 2 of the 13 major airports in the country have finished with their improvements. Overall, World Cup tickets average $887 on the secondary market.

4-4-14: An episode of the Simpsons recently poked fun at the 2014 World Cup and saw Homer become a referee in an effort to end corruption around gambling on the tournament. Thanks to Bart's hijinks, Homer eventually landed himself in hot water with the Brazilian mob, but eventually found his way out of trouble.

4-3-14: The US and Mexico had some pre World Cup action at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona yesterday. The game ended in a 2-2 draw. The average price for US games in the World Cup is $714. The average ticket price for Mexico games in the World Cup is $1055.

4-2-14: Fifa recently released a report that 1,591,435 tickets have been sold via the primary market for the World Cup. Of the 35% of tickets able to hit the international market, the top 4 purchasing countries have been: the United States (154,412 tickets), Australia (40,681 tickets), England (38,043 tickets), and Colombia (33,126 tickets).

4-1-14: The jerseys for the US national team during the World Cup caused quite a stir on social media on April 1st. While not being an April Fools Joke, the jerseys closely resemble a “Bomb Pop” popsicle stick. The Nike made jerseys are being sold on the official website of the men's national team for $90.

3-28-14: The current average price of World Cup tickets on the secondary market is $1081. The most expensive match is the to be determined Finals on July 13th. At an average re-sale price of $4,134 it is 282% above the cup average. The cheapest match is Switzerland vs France on June 20th. Tickets average $389, which is 64% below the Cup average.

3-27-14: Long time Barcelona goal keeper Victor Valdés suffered a gruesome injury during the team's victory over Celta Vigo that will keep him out of this year's World Cup. The 32 year old and 12 year veteran suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament and will miss at least the next six months of action.

3-26-14: The 5 cheapest World Cup tickets thus far are: Match 21 - Colombia vs. Cote d'Ivoire, Match 25 - Switzerland vs. France, Match 41 - Honduras vs. Switzerland, Match 22 - Japan vs. Greece, and Match 10 - France vs. Honduras. The cheapest US match is Match 30 - United States vs. Portugal

3-24-14: The official song of the 2014 World Cup was released earlier today. Shakira's “La La La” is a reversion of her hit “Dare”. The song takes Brazilian elements to celebrate the Cup being held in Brazil. Shakira is in a relationship with FC Barcelona center back Gerard Pique. Their son makes an appearance at the end of the track too.

3-21-14: The 5 cheapest World Cup matches on the secondary market are: Match 12 Iran vs Nigeria, Match 21 Colombia vs Cote d'Ivoire, Match 9 Switzerland vs Ecuador, Match 41 Honduras vs Switzerland, and Match 22 Japan vs Greece. Overall tickets for the 2014 World Cup feature an average asking price of $1,105.

3-20-14: ESPN's World Cup power rankings from March 7th: 1. Brazil, 2. Spain, 3. Germany, 4. Argentina, 5. Italy, 6. Belgium, 7. Colombia, 8. Chile, 9. Netherlands, 10. France. Dropping out of the top 10 was Uruguay. The current average asking price for 2014 World Cup tickets on the secondary market is $1107.

3-18-14: Soccer fans will get their last chance to buy tickets for the 2014 World Cup when the final sales phase begins on Wednesday, FIFA has announced. Some 345,000 tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sales begin at midday central European time and will run until April 1 at the website.

3-17-14: 2014 World Cup tickets currently average $1,137 on the secondary market. The cheapest session is Match 9 on June 15th with Switzerland vs Ecudaor. The current most expensive is the to be announced July 13th championship game. Team USA's current most expensive game is June 26th vs Germany at Arena Pernambuco, with an average ticket price of $703.

Here's a breakdown of each matches average price and get-in price, as well as the overall average price for World Cup tickets:

Match Number Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Quantity Avg Price Get-in Price Overall WC Average
1 6/12/2014 Group Stage Brazil Croatia 29 $2,252.22 $1,704 $1,133.48
2 6/13/2014 Group Stage Mexico Cameroon 12 $1,115.67 $989
3 6/13/2014 Group Stage Spain Netherlands 165 $637.05 $445
4 6/13/2014 Group Stage Chile Australia 10 $535.33 $388
5 6/14/2014 Group Stage Greece Colombia 34 $400.00 $311
6 6/14/2014 Group Stage Uruguay Costa Rica 12 $486.33 $357
7 6/14/2014 Group Stage England Italy 12 $631.67 $575
8 6/14/2014 Group Stage Cote D'ivoire Japan 69 $512.36 $364
9 6/15/2014 Group Stage Ecuador Switzerland 41 $423.88 $285
10 6/15/2014 Group Stage Honduras France 84 $440.17 $356
11 6/15/2014 Group Stage Argentina Bosnia 67 $883.36 $610
12 6/16/2014 Group Stage Portugal Germany 68 $604.00 $410
13 6/16/2014 Group Stage Nigeria Iran 12 $599.00 $523
14 6/16/2014 Group Stage Ghana United States 40 $594.33 $454
15 6/17/2014 Group Stage Belgium Algeria 127 $480.90 $318
16 6/17/2014 Group Stage Brazil Mexico 8 $2,854.50 $2,664
17 6/17/2014 Group Stage Russia South Korea 12 $670.67 $635
18 6/18/2014 Group Stage Netherlands Australia 65 $584.64 $405
19 6/18/2014 Group Stage Spain Chile 43 $726.00 $534
20 6/18/2014 Group Stage Cameroon Croatia 12 $428.00 $376
21 6/19/2014 Group Stage Cote D'ivoire Colombia 12 $458.00 $406
22 6/19/2014 Group Stage Uruguay England 48 $757.33 $599
23 6/19/2014 Group Stage Greece Japan 12 $547.33 $480
24 6/20/2014 Group Stage Costa Rica Italy 12 $498.00 $450
25 6/20/2014 Group Stage Switzerland France 12 $446.33 $388
26 6/20/2014 Group Stage Ecuador Honduras 8 $645.50 $631
27 6/21/2014 Group Stage Argentina Iran 31 $901.50 $707
28 6/21/2014 Group Stage Germany Ghana 12 $583.67 $406
29 6/21/2014 Group Stage Nigeria Bosnia 94 $441.42 $196
30 6/22/2014 Group Stage Belgium Russia 12 $716.67 $671
31 6/22/2014 Group Stage United States Portugal 53 $525.64 $356
32 6/22/2014 Group Stage Algeria South Korea 134 $507.00 $378
33 6/23/2014 Group Stage Netherlands Chile 71 $727.20 $616
34 6/23/2014 Group Stage Spain Australia 12 $664.33 $638
35 6/23/2014 Group Stage Brazil Cameroon 40 $1,192.13 $639
36 6/23/2014 Group Stage Croatia Mexico 40 $770.78 $575
37 6/24/2014 Group Stage Costa Rica England 43 $823.14 $654
38 6/24/2014 Group Stage Italy Uruguay 12 $648.67 $549
39 6/24/2014 Group Stage Japan Colombia 12 $632.00 $494
40 6/24/2014 Group Stage Cote D'ivoire Greece 16 $545.50 $438
41 6/25/2014 Group Stage Bosnia Iran 65 $465.45 $267
42 6/25/2014 Group Stage Nigeria Argentina 52 $859.45 $601
43 6/25/2014 Group Stage Honduras Switzerland 12 $409.67 $359
44 6/25/2014 Group Stage France Ecuador 57 $628.33 $486
45 6/26/2014 Group Stage Ghana Portugal 35 $636.00 $362
46 6/26/2014 Group Stage United States Germany 33 $703.33 $496
47 6/26/2014 Group Stage Belgium South Korea 63 $591.89 $343
48 6/26/2014 Group Stage Algeria Russia 12 $580.67 $528
49 6/28/2014 Knockout Round 1A 2B 59 $1,136.70 $908
50 6/28/2014 Knockout Round 1C 2D 113 $904.44 $770
51 6/29/2014 Knockout Round 1B 2A 12 $1,147.33 $973
52 6/29/2014 Knockout Round 1D 2C 127 $746.74 $599
53 6/30/2014 Knockout Round 1E 2F 33 $768.33 $623
54 6/30/2014 Knockout Round 1G 2H 250 $1,318.98 $606
55 7/1/2014 Knockout Round 1F 2E 232 $1,966.57 $822
56 7/1/2014 Knockout Round 1H 2G 374 $1,209.64 $592
57 7/4/2014 Quaterfinals W53 W54 215 $1,391.98 $1,054
58 7/4/2014 Quaterfinals W49 W50 12 $1,501.00 $1,366
59 7/5/2014 Quaterfinals W55 W56 33 $976.00 $729
60 7/5/2014 Quaterfinals W51 W52 442 $1,895.79 $870
61 7/8/2014 Semifinals W57 W58 110 $2,530.55 $1,551
62 7/9/2014 Semifinals W59 W60 73 $3,017.16 $2,305
63 7/12/2014 3rd Place L61 L62 111 $702.50 $532
64 7/13/2014 Finals W61 W62 42 $4,153.53 $3,537

3-4-14: It has been reported that over 2.3 MM 2014 World Cup tickets have been sold to fans already, with over 125,000 going to the United States. On TicketIQ, we have almost 5,000 World Cup tickets available for an average price of $1,113.45.

3-3-14: Currently, we have 4,572 2014 World Cup tickets available for all 64 matches of the World’s biggest sports tournament. The average price of World Cup tickets is $1,113.68.

Prices for the World Cup semifinals are currently averaging $2530.55 and $3017.16, while World Cup finals tickets are averaging $3999.37. There are less than 120 tickets available for all of these matches and get-in prices are all over $1,500.

US Soccer matches for the group stage are some of the most expensive group stage matches. World Cup tickets for their opener against Ghana are averaging $594.33 ($454 get-in), their second match against Portugal are averaging $763.47 ($386), and their final group stage match against Germany is averaging $691.80 (get-in $441).

12-6-13: Here are the groups for the 2014 World Cup:

  • Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Cameroon, Mexico

  • Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

  • Group C: Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

  • Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

  • Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras

  • Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria

  • Group G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

  • Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

12-5-13: World Cup tickets are currently averaging a whopping $1795 per seat, with some tickets available for as high as $2775.

12-3-13: Here's a look at the World Cup Soccer pots for Friday's group drawing.

  • Pot 1 (seeded teams): Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Switzerland and Uruguay

  • Pot 2 (Africa/South America): Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile and Ecuador

  • Pot 3 (Asia/North and Central America): United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Japan and South Korea

  • Pot 4 (Europe): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Russia.

2014 FIFA World Cup Rosters


Goalkeepers: Rais M’bolhi (CSKA Sofia), Mohamed Zemmamouche (USM Alger), Ezzdine Doukha (USM El Harrach), Mohamed Cdric (CS Constantine)

Defenders: Essaid Belkalem (Watford), Madjid Bougherra (free agent), Lyassine Cadamuro (Real Mallorca), Faouzi Ghoulam (Napoli), Rafik Halliche (Academica Coimbra), Nacereddine Khoualed (USM Alger), Aissa Mandi (Reims), Mehdi Mostefa (Ajaccio), Carl Medjani (Valenciennes), Djamel Mesbah (Livorno)

Midfielders: Nabil Bentaleb (Tottenham), Ryad Boudebouz (Bastia), Yacine Brahimi (Granada), Adlene Guedioura (Crystal Palace), Amir Karaoui (ES Setif), Medhi Lacen (Getafe), Saphir Taider (Inter Milan), Hassen Yebda (Udinese)

Forwards: Rafik Djebour (Nottingham Forest), Abdelmoumen Djabou (Club Africain), Sofiane Feghouli (Valencia), Ryad Mahrez (Leicester City), Islam Slimani (Sporting Lisbon), Hilal Soudani (Dinamo Zagreb), Foued Kadir (Rennes), Nabil Ghilas (FC Porto)


Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea), Simon Mignolet (Liverpool), Koen Casteels (Hoffenheim), Silvio Proto (Anderlecht)

Defenders: Toby Alderweireld (Atletico Madrid), Anthony Vanden Borre (Anderlecht), Laurent Ciman (Standard Liege), Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham), Vincent Kompany (Manchester City), Daniel Van Buyten (Bayern Munich), Thomas Vermaelen (Arsenal), Nicolas Lombaerts (Zenit)

Midfielders: Axel Witsel (Zenit), Steven Defour, Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United), Nacer Chadli (Tottenham), Moussa Dembele (Tottenham), Kevin De Bruyne (Wolfsburg), Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United), Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

Forwards: Dries Mertens (Napoli), Kevin Mirallas (Everton), Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea), Divock Origi (Lille)

Alternates: Sebastien Pocognoli (Hannover), Radja Nainggolan (Cagliari), Thorgan Hazard (Chelsea), Jelle Van Damme (Standard Liege), Guillaume Gillet (Anderlecht), Michy Batshuayi (Standard Liege)


Goalkeepers: Asmir Begovic (Stoke City), Asmir Avdukic (Borac Banja Luka), Jasmin Fejzic (VFR Aalen).

Defenders: Emir Spahic (Bayer Leverkusen), Toni Sunjic (Zorya Lugansk), Sead Kolasinac (Schalke), Ognjen Vranjes (Elazigspor), Ervin Zukanovic (Gent), Ermin Bicakcic (Eintracht Braunschweig), Muhamed Besic (Ferencvaros).

Midfielders: Miralem Pjanic (Roma), Izet Hajrovic (Galatasaray), Mensur Mujdza (Freiburg), Haris Medunjanin (Gaziantepspor), Senad Lulic (Lazio), Anel Hadzic (Sturm), Tino Susic (Hajduk), Sejad Salihovic (Hoffenheim), Zvjezdan Misimovic (Guizhour Renhe), Senijad Ibricic (Erciyesspor), Avdija Vrsaljevic (Hajduk).

Forwards: Vedad Ibisevic (VfB Stuttgart), Edin Dzeko (Manchester City), Edin Visca (Istanbul BB).


Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar (Toronto FC), Jefferson (Botafogo), Victor (Atlético Mineiro)

Defenders: Dani Alves (Barcelona), Maicon (Roma), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Maxwell (PSG), Thiago Silva (PSG), David Luiz (Chelsea), Dante (Bayern Munich), Henrique (Napoli)

Midfielders: Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg), Hernanes (Inter Milan), Paulinho (Tottenham), Ramires (Chelsea), Oscar (Chelsea), Fernandinho (Manchester City), Willian (Chelsea)

Forwards: Hulk (Zenit), Neymar (Barcelona), Fred (Fluminense), Jô (Atlético Mineiro), Bernard (Shakhtar Donetsk)


Goalkeepers: Charles Itandje (Konyaspor), Ndy Assembe (Guingamp), Sammy Ndjock (Fetihespor), Loic Feudjou (Coton Sport)

Defenders: Allan Nyom (Granada), Dany Nounkeu (Besiktas), Cedric Djeugoue (Coton Sport), Aurelien Chedjou (Galatasaray), Nicolas Nkoulou (Marseille), Armel Kana-Biyik (Rennes), Henri Bedimo (Lyon), Benoit Assou-Ekotto (QPR), Gaetang Bong (Olympiakos)

Midfielders: Eyong Enoh (Antalyaspor), Jean II Makoun (Rennes), Joel Matip (Schalke 04), Stephane Mbia (Sevilla), Landry Nguemo (Bordeaux), Alexandre Song (Barcelona), Cedric Loe (Osasuna), Edgar Sally (Lens)

Forwards: Samuel Eto’o (Chelsea), Eric Choupo Moting (Mainz), Benjamin Moukandjo (Nancy), Vincent Aboubakar (Lorient), Achille Webo (Fenerbahce), Mohamadou Idrissou (Kaiserslautern), Fabrice Olinga (Zulte-Waregem)


Goalkeepers: Claudio Bravo (Real Sociedad), Johnny Herrera (Universidad de Chile), Paulo Garces (O’Higgins), Cristopher Toselli (Universidad Catolica)

Defenders: Gary Medel (Cardiff), Gonzalo Jara (Nottingham Forest), Mauricio Isla (Juventus), Eugenio Mena (Santos), Marcos Gonzalez (Union Espanola, Chile), Enzo Andia (Universidad Catolica, Chile), Jose Rojas (Universidad de Chile)

Midfielders: Arturo Vidal (Juventus), Jorge Valdivia (Palmeiras), Miiko Albornoz (Malmo), Marcelo Diaz (Basel), Felipe Gutierrez (FC Twente), Rodrigo Millar (Atlas), Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (Colo Colo, Chile), Pedro Pablo Hernandez (O’Higgins, Chile), Matias Fernandez (Fiorentina), Francisco Silva (Osasuna), Charles Aranguiz (Internacional), Carlos Carmona (Atalanta), Jean Beausejour (Wigan)

Forwards: Alexis Sanchez (Barcelona), Esteban Paredes (Colo Colo), Eduardo Vargas (Valencia), Gustavo Canales (Union Espanola), Mauricio Pinilla (Cagliari), Fabian Orellana (Celta)


Goalkeepers: Keilor Navas (Levante), Patrick Pemberton (Alajuelense), Daniel Cambronero (Herediano), Esteban Alvarado (AZ Alkmaar)

Defenders: Johnny Acosta (Alajuelense), Giancarlo González (Columbus Crew), Michael Umaña (Saprissa), Oscar Duarte (Brujas), Waylon Francis (Columbus Crew), Heiner Mora (Saprissa), Junior Díaz (Mainz 05), Christian Gamboa (Rosenborg), Roy Miller (New York Red Bulls), Kendall Waston (Saprissa)

Midfielders: Celso Borges (AIK), Christian Bolaños (Copenhagen), Oscar Esteban Granados (Herediano), Michael Barrantes (AAlesund), Yeltsin Tejeda (Saprissa), Diego Calvo (Valerenga), José Miguel Cubero (Herediano), Carlos Hernández (Wellington Phoenix), Ariel Rodríguez (Alajuelense), Hansell Arauz (Saprissa)

Forwards: Álvaro Saborío (Real Salt Lake), Bryan Ruiz (PSV Eindhoven), Joel Campbell (Olympiakos FC), Randall Brenes (Cartaginés), Marco Ureña (FC Kubán Krasnodar), Jairo Arrieta (Columbus Crew)


Goalkeepers: Maximo Banguera (Barcelona, Ecuador), Adrian Bone (El Nacional), Alexander Dominguez (Liga de Quito)

Defenders: Gabriel Achilier (Emelec), Walter Ayovi (Pachuca), Oscar Bagui (Emelec), Frickson Erazo (Flamengo), Jorge Guagua (Emelec), Juan Carlos Paredes (Barcelona, Ecuador), Cristian Ramirez (Fortuna Duesseldorf)

Midfielders: Segundo Castillo (Al Hilal), Carlos Gruezo (Stuttgart), Renato Ibarra (Vitesse Arnhem), Fidel Martinez (Tijuana), Cristian Noboa (Dynamo Moscow), Pedro Quinonez (Emelec), Luis Saritama (Barcelona, Ecuador), Antonio Valencia (Manchester United)

Forwards: Jaime Ayovi (Tijuana), Felipe Caicedo (Al-Jazira), Jefferson Montero (Morelia), Joao Rojas (Cruz Azul), Enner Valencia (Pachuca), Armando Wila (Universidad Catolica)


Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Manchester City), Ben Foster (West Bromwich Albion), Fraser Forster (Celtic)

Defenders: Leighton Baines (Everton), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Phil Jagielka (England), Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Phil Jones (Manchester United), Luke Shaw (Southampton), Chris Smalling (Manchester United)

Midfielders: Ross Barkley (Everton), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Adam Lallana (Southampton), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), James Milner (Manchester City), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), Raheem Sterling (Liverpool), Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

Forwards: Rickie Lambert (Southampton), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool), Daniel Welbeck (Manchester United)

Alternates: John Ruddy (Norwich City), Jon Flanagan (Liverpool), John Stones (Everton), Michael Carrick (Manchester United), Tom Cleverley (Manchester United), Andy Carroll (West Ham United), Jermain Defoe (Toronto FC)


Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), Roman Weidenfeller (Borussia Dortmund), Ron-Robert Zieler (Hannover)

Defenders: Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich), Erik Durm (Borussia Dortmund), Kevin Grosskreutz (Borussia Dortmund), Benedikt Howedes (Schalke), Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund), Marcell Jansen (Hamburg), Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich), Per Mertesacker (Arsenal), Shkodran Mustafi (Sampdoria), Marcel Schmelzer (Borussia Dortmund)

Midfielders: Lars Bender (Borussia Dortmund), Julian Draxler (Schalke), Matthias Ginter (Freiburg), Leon Goretzka (Schalke), Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich), Andre Hahn (Augsburg), Sami Khedira (Real Madrid), Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich), Max Meyer (Schalke), Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich), Mesut Ozil (Arsenal), Lukas Podolski (Arsenal), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Andre Schurrle (Chelsea), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich)

Forwards: Miroslav Klose (Lazio), Kevin Volland (Hoffenheim)


Goalkeepers: Adam Kwarasey (Stromsgodset), Fatau Dauda (Orlando Pirates), Stephen Adams (Aduana Stars)

Defenders: Samuel Inkoom (Platanias), Daniel Opare (Standard Liege), Harrison Afful (Esperance), Jeffrey Schullp (Leicester City), John Boye (Rennes), Jonathan Mensah (Evian), Jerry Akaminko (Eskisehirspor), Rashid Sumaila (Mamelodi Sundowns)

Midfielders: Michael Essien (AC Milan), Rabiu Mohammed (Kuban Krasnodar), Agyemang Badu (Udinese), Kwadwo Asamoah (Juventus), Sulley Muntari (AC Milan), Albert Adomah (Middlesborough), Wakasu Mubarak (Rubin Kazan), Christian Atsu (Vitesse), David Accam (Helsingborg), Andre Ayew (Marseille), Afriyie Acquah (Parma)

Forwards: Asamoah Gyan (Al-Ain), Kevin-Prince Boateng (Schalke), Abdul Majeed Waris (Valenciennes), Jordan Ayew (Sochaux)


Goalkeepers: Donis Escober (Olimpia), Luis Lopez (Real Espana), Noel Valladares (Olimpia)

Defenders: Brayan Beckeles (Olimpia), Osman Chavez (Qingdao Jonoon), Maynor Figueroa (Hull City), Juan Carlos Garcia (Wigan), Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic), Arnold Peralta (Rangers), Juan Pablo Montes (Motagua)

Midfielders: Marvin Chavez (Colorado Rapids), Jorge Claros (Motagua), Roger Espinoza (Wigan), Oscar Boniek Garcia (Houston Dynamo), Luis Garrido (Olimpia), Mario Martinez (Real Espana), Wilson Palacios (Stoke), Andy Najar (Anderlecht)

Forwards: Jerry Bengtson (New England Revolution), Carlo Costly (Real Espana), Rony Martinez (Real Sociedad), Jerry Palacios (Alajuelense)


Goalkeepers: Daniel Davari (Eintracht Braunschweig), Alireza Haghighi (Sporting Covilha, on loan from Rubin Kazan), Rahman Ahmadi (Sepahan), Sousha Makani (Foolad Khuzestan)

Defenders: Khosro Heidari (Esteghlal), Hossein Mahini (Persepolis), Steven Beitashour (Vancouver Whitecaps), Pejman Montazeri (Umm Salal), Jalal Hosseini (Persepolis), Amir Sadeghi (Esteghlal), Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh (Zob Ahan), Ahmad Alenemeh (Naft), Hashem Beikzadeh (Esteghlal), Ehsan Hajsafi (Sepahan), Mehrdad Pooladi (Persepolis)

Midfielders: Javad Nekounam (Al Kuwait), Andranik Teymourian (Esteghlal), Reza Haghighi (Persepolis), Ghasem Hadadifar (Zob Ahan), Bakhtiyar Rahmani (Foolad), Alireza Jahanbakhsh (NEC Nijmegen), Ashkan Dejagah (Fulham)

Forwards: Masoud Shojaei (Las Palmas), Mohammad Reza Khalatbari (Persepolis), Mehdi Sharifi (Sepahan), Reza Ghoochannejhad (Charlton), Karim Ansarifard (Tractor Sazi), Sardar Azmoun (Rubin Kazan)


Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Mattia Perin (Genoa), Salvatore Sirigu (Paris Saint Germain), Antonio Mirante (Parma)

Defenders: Ignazio Abate (Milan), Andrea Barzagli (Juventus), Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Matteo Darmian (Torino), Mattia De Sciglio (Milan), Christian Maggio (Napoli), Gabriel Paletta (Parma), Manuel Pasqual (Fiorentina), Andrea Ranocchia (Inter)

Midfielders: Alberto Aquilani (Fiorentina), Antonio Candreva (Lazio), Daniele De Rossi (Roma), Claudio Marchisio (Juventus), Ricardo Montolivo (Milan), Thiago Motta (Paris Saint Germain), Marco Parolo (Parma), Andrea Pirlo (Juventus), Romulo (Verona), Marco Verratti (Paris Saint Germain)

Forwards: Mario Balotelli (Milan), Antonio Cassano (Parma), Alessio Cerci (Torino), Mattia Destro (Roma), Ciro Immobile (Torino), Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli), Giuseppie Rossi (Fiorentina)


Goalkeepers: Boubacar Barry (Lokeren), Sylvain Gbohouo (Sewe San Pedro), Sayouba Mande (Stabaek), Badra Ali Sangare (ASEC Mimosas)

Defenders: Serge Aurier (Toulouse), Benjamin Angoua (Valenciennes), Brice Dja Djedje (Marseille), Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro (Toulouse), Didier Zokora (Trabzonspor), Kolo Toure (Liverpool), Souleman Bamba (Trabzonspor), Arthur Boka (Stuttgart), Constant Djakpa (Eintracht Frankfurt), Ousmane Viera (Rizespor)

Midfielders: Cheik Tiote (Newcastle), Serey Die (FC Basel), Ismael Diomande (Saint-Etienne), Didier Ya Konan (Hannover), Yaya Toure (Manchester City), Max Gradel (Saint-Etienne), Mathis Bolly (Fortuna Dusseldorf)

Forwards: Didier Drogba (Galatasaray), Wilfried Bony (Swansea), Gervinho (Roma), Salomon Kalou (Lille), Lacina Traore (Everton), Giovanni Sio (FC Basel), Seydou Doumbia (CSKA Moscow)


Goalkeepers: Eiji Kawashima (Standard Liege), Shusaku Nishikawa (Urawa Reds), Shuichi Gonda (FC Tokyo)

Defenders: Yasuyuki Konno (Gamba Osaka), Masahiko Inoha (Jubilo Iwata), Yuto Nagatomo (Inter Milan), Masato Morishige (FC Tokyo), Atsuto Uchida (Schalke), Maya Yoshida (Southampton), Hiroki Sakai (Hannover 96), Gotoku Sakai (Stuttgart)

Midfielders: Yasuhito Endo (Gamba Osaka), Makoto Hasebe (Nuremberg), Toshihiro Aoyama (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), Hotaru Yamaguchi (Cerezo Osaka), Keisuke Honda (AC Milan), Shinji Kagawa (Manchester United)

Forwards: Yoshito Okubo (Kawasaki Frontale), Shinji Okazaki (Mainz), Hiroshi Kiyotake (Nurnberg), Yoichiro Kakitani (Cerezo Osaka), Manabu Saito (Yokohama F-Marinos), Yuya Osako (1860 Munich)


Goalkeepers: Jesus Corona (Cruz Azul), Guillermo Ochoa (Ajaccio), Alfredo Talavera (Toluca)

Defenders: Rafa Marquez (Leon), Diego Reyes (Porto), Miguel Layun (America), Paul Aguilar (America), Andres Guardado (Leverkusen), Hector Moreno (Espanyol), Francisco Rodriguez (America), Carlos Salcido (Tigres UANL)

Midfielders: Carlos Pena (Leon), Hector Herrera (Porto), Isaac Brizuela (Toluca), Marco Fabian (Cruz Azul), Juan Carlos Medina (America), Luis Montes (Leon), Jose Juan Vazquez (Leon)

Forwards: Javier Hernandez (Manchester United), Giovani dos Santos (Villarreal), Raul Jimenez (America), Alan Pulido (Tigres), Oribe Peralta (Santos Laguna)


Goalkeepers: Vincent Enyeama (Lille FC), Austin Ejide (Hapoel Be’er Sheva), Daniel Akpeyi (Warri Wolves), Chigozie Agbim (Gombe United)

Defenders: Elderson Echiejile (AS Monaco), Efe Ambrose (Celtic), Godfrey Oboabona (Rizespor), Azubuike Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves), Kenneth Omeruo (Middlesbrough), Juwon Oshaniwa (Ashdod FC), Joseph Yobo (Norwich City), Kunle Odunlami (Sunshine Stars).

Midfielders: John Mikel Obi (Chelsea), Ramon Azeez (Almeria FC); Ogenyi Onazi (SS Lazio), Joel Obi (Parma), Nnamdi Oduamadi (Varese), Ejike Uzoenyi (Enugu Rangers), Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis), Sunday Mba (CA Bastia), Reuben Gabriel (Waasland-Beveren), Michael Babatunde (Volyn Lutsk).

Forwards: Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow), Shola Ameobi (Newcastle United), Emmanuel Emenike (Fenerbahce), Obinna Nsofor (Chievo Verona), Peter Odemwingie (Stoke City), Michael Uchebo (Cercle Brugge), Victor Moses (Liverpool), Uche Nwofor (Heerenveen)


Goalkeepers: Anthony Lopes (Lyon), Beto (Sevilha), Eduardo (SC Braga), Rui Patrício (Sporting)

Defenders: André Almeida (Benfica), Antunes (Málaga), Bruno Alves (Fenerbahçe), Fábio Coentrão (Real Madrid), João Pereira (Valência), Neto (Zenit), Pepe (Real Madrid), Ricardo Costa (Valência), Rolando (Inter)

Midfielders: André Gomes (Benfica), João Mário (Vitória FC), João Moutinho (Mónaco), Miguel Veloso (D. Kiev), Raul Meireles (Fenerbahçe), Rúben Amorim (Benfica), William Carvalho (Sporting)

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Éder (SC Braga), Hélder Postiga (Lazio), Hugo Almeida (Besiktas), Ivan Cavaleiro (Benfica), Nani (Manchester United), Rafa (SC Braga), Ricardo Quaresma (FC Porto), Varela (FC Porto), Vieirinha (Wolfsburg)


Goalkeepers: Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow), Yury Lodygin (Zenit St Petersburg), Sergei Ryzhikov (Rubin Kazan)

Defenders: Alexander Anyukov (Zenit St Petersburg), Alexei Berezutsky (CSKA Moscow), Vasily Berezutsky (CSKA Moscow), Sergei Ignashevich (CSKA Moscow), Georgy Shchennikov (CSKA Moscow), Vladimir Granat (Dynamo Moscow), Alexei Kozlov (Dynamo Moscow), Andrei Yeshchenko (Anzhi Makhachkala), Dmitry Kombarov (Spartak Moscow), Andrei Semenov (Terek Grozny)

Midfielders: Igor Denisov, Yury Zhirkov (both Dynamo Moscow), Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow), Yury Gazinsky (FC Krasnodar), Roman Shirokov (FC Krasnodar), Denis Glushakov (Spartak Moscow), Pavel Mogilevets (Rubin Kazan), Viktor Faizulin (Zenit St Petersburg), Oleg Shatov (Zenit St Petersburg)

Forwards: Vladimir Bystrov (Anzhi Makhachkala), Alexander Kerzhakov (Zenit St Petersburg), Artem Dzyuba (Rostov), Alexei Ionov (Dynamo Moscow), Alexander Kokorin (Dynamo Moscow), Maxim Kanunnikov (Amkar Perm), Pavel Pogrebnyak (Reading), Alexander Samedov (Lokomotiv Moscow)


Goalkeepers: Jung Sung-ryeong (Suwon Bluewings), Kim Seung-gyu (Ulsan Horang-i), Lee Bom-young (Busan I’Park)

Defenders: Kim Jin-soo (Albirex Niigata), Yun Suk-young (QPR), Kim Young-kwon (Guangzhou Evergrande), Hwang Seok-ho (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), Hong Jeong-ho (Augsburg), Kwak Tae-hwi (Al Hilal), Lee Yong (Ulsan Horang-i), Kim Chang-soo (Kashiwa Reysol)

Midfielders: Ki Seung-yeung (Sunderland), Ha Dae-sung (Beijing Guoan), Han Kook-young (Kashiwa Reysol), Park Jung-woo (Guangzhou R&F), Son Heung-min (Bayer Leverkusen), Kim Bo-kyoung (Cardiff City), Lee Chung-yong (Bolton), Ji Dong-won (Augsburg)

Forwards: Koo Ja-cheol (Mainz), Lee Keun-ho (Sangju Sangmu), Park Chu-young (Arsenal), Kim Shin-wook (Ulsan Horang-i)


Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Pepe Reina (Napoli), David de Gea (Manchester United)

Defenders: Juanfran Torres (Atletico Madrid), Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea), Jordi Alba (Barcelona), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Raul Albiol (Napoli), Javi Martinez (Bayern Munich), Alberto Moreno (Sevilla), Dani Carvajal (Real Madrid)

Midfielders: Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid), Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona), Koke (Atletico Madrid), Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich), Jesus Navas (Manchester City), David Silva (Manchester City), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Santi Cazorla (Arsenal), Ander Iturraspe (Athletic Bilbao), Juan Mata (Manchester United)

Forwards: Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona), Pedro Rodriguez (Barcelona), Alvaro Negredo (Manchester City), Diego Costa (Atletico Madrid), David Villa (Atletico Madrid), Fernando Torres (Chelsea), Fernando Llorente (Juventus)


Goalkeepers: Diego Benaglio (Wolfsburg), Roman Buerki (Grasshopper), Yann Sommer (Basel)

Defenders: Johan Djourou (Hamburg), Michael Lang (Grasshopper), Stephan Lichtsteiner (Juventus), Ricardo Rodriguez (Wolfsburg), Fabian Schaer (Basel), Philippe Senderos (Valencia), Steve von Bergen (Young Boys), Reto Ziegler (Sassuolo)

Midfielders: Tranquillo Barnetta (Eintracht Frankfurt), Valon Behrami (Napoli), Blerim Dzemaili (Napoli), Gelson Fernandes (Freiburg), Goekhan Inler (Napoli), Xherdan Shaqiri (Bayern Munich), Valentin Stocker (Basel)

Forwards: Josip Drmic (Nurnberg), Mario Gavranovic (Zurich), Admir Mehmedi (Freiburg), Haris Seferovic (Real Sociedad), Granit Xhaka (Borussia Moenchengladbach)

Alternates: Marwin Hitz (Augsburg), Timm Klose (Wolfsburg), Silvan Widmer (Udinese), Eren Derdiyok (Bayer Leverkusen), Fabian Frei (Basel), Pajtim Kasami (Fulham), Pirmin Schwegler (Eintracht Frankfurt)


Goalkeepers: Tim Howard (Everton), Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

Defenders: DaMarcus Beasley (Puebla), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), John Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Timmy Chandler (Nürnberg), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy), Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Michael Parkhurst (Columbus Crew), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC)

Midfielders: Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes), Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Maurice Edu (Philadelphia Union), Julian Green (Bayern Munich), Jermaine Jones (Besiktas), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

Forwards: Jozy Altidore (Sunderland), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Aron Johannsson (AZ Alkmaar), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)


Goalkeepers: Fernando Muslera (Galatasaray), Martin Silva (Vasco Da Gama), Rodrigo Munoz (Libertad)

Defenders: Diego Lugano (West Bromwich Albion), Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid), Jose Maria Gimenez (Atletico Madrid), Martin Caceres (Juventus), Maximiliano Pereira (Benfica), Jorge Fucile (Porto), Sebastian Coates (Nacional)

Midfielders: Egidio Arevalo Rios (Morelia), Walter Gargano (Parma), Diego Perez (Bologna), Sebastian Eguren (Palmeiras), Alvaro Gonzalez (Lazio), Alejandro Silva (Lanus), Alvaro Pereira (San Pablo), Cristian Rodriguez (Atletico Madrid), Gaston Ramirez (Southampton), Nicolas Lodeiro (Botafogo)

Forwards: Luis Suarez (Liverpool), Edinson Cavani (PSG), Diego Forlan (Cerezo Osaka), Cristian Stuani (Espanyol), Abel Hernandez (Palermo)

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