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Sully Erna Biography

American vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and primary songwriter for hard rock band “Godsmack” Sully Erna will be bringing his live show to many parts of the Northeast with a scheduled 8 dates in the month of December. His Northeast tour will kick off on December 3 at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, New York and will run through December 14 at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. Sully Erna tickets for these upcoming events are on sale now.

According to TicketIQ, there are still limited Sully Erna tickets available for his last show on December 14 at the Wilber Theatre in Boston. Sully Erna tickets for this event have a current average price of $98.75 in the secondary market with a get in price of $61

Sully Erna has a total of four upcoming shows in the New York area, so fans will be able to choose with show to attend for Sully Erna tickets as the vocalist has events in Verona, North Tonawanda, and Chester, New York the first week of his tour. The performer also has a show nearby in Sayerville, New Jersey on December 7 and then another show in Westbury, New York at the Space at Westbury on December 11. Sully Erna tickets for all of these shows in the New York area are on sale now.

Sully Erna tickets for his opening show are selling fast, but there are still limited seats available as the get in price for Sully Erna tickets at this show is $26. However, there are still top priced Sully Erna tickets available for a better viewing experience.

Sully Erna was first born in Lawrence, Massachusetts where he began playing the drums at the age of 3. Music was in Sully’s blood as his father was a trumpet player and his great uncle was a famous composer in Sicily.

At the age of 14, Dave Vose became his new instructor as Sully signed his first record deal in 1993 with a band called Strip Mind, however, their debut album sold less than 50,000 units and Sully’s relationship with the band was rocky from the jump and was booted out.

In February of 1995, Sully decided to start a new band with band members Robbie Merril on bass, Lee Richards a guitarist, and Tommy Stewart on drums as Sully would be the lead singer after playing the drums for more than 23 years.

The band would see multi-platinum success with the release of their 1998 album “Godsmack.” The band has since released five more studio albums and had three albums in a row to reach number 1 on the billboard charts during that time span, including 20 top ten rock radio hits, 15 songs in the top five, and a record number of top ten singles by a rock band.

Sully Erna would eventually embark on a solo career releasing his debut solo album “Avalon” in 2010 reaching to number 24 on the billboard charts as he plans on releasing another solo album in the future.

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