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The Griswolds Biography

The Griswolds are the hottest indie rock group from down under. The group consists of singer Christopher Whitehall, guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez, drummer Chris Riley, bassist Tim John, and keyboardist Lachian West. Influenced by a variety of artists such as Kanye West, Devendra Banhart, and the Beach Boys, The group’s euphoric pop sound is comparable to pop powerhouses Fun and Foster the People. Five Australian party boys, the Griswolds took off in 2008 when they uploaded their first song “Mississippi” to MySpace. The track was posted by popular indie bands and blogs spurring great social media buzz, remarkable considering the band had only formed two years prior. The song was a hit in the Netherlands and landed the boys on the We Are Hunted emerging artists list, a well known online source for discovering new artists. Popular Australian radio station Triple J also had the record in heavy rotation. The Griswolds tickets went on sale for the 2012 Parklife Festival opening for Passion Pit and The Presets. Building a solid reputation and fan base, The Griswolds released their Heart of a Lion EP in 2012. The EP gained rave reviews from fans and critics and launched the band on a world tour. The band’s stage show has been described as a “full on party”, a high energy experience for all concertgoers. The Grisworlds tickets sold out for their keynote performances at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York and Austrailia’s Big Day Out Festival. Valentine’s Day of 2014 saw the video release for “Red Tuxedo” through, an imprint of Vice Magazine. While touring the country, the group linked with indie rock powerhouse Wind-up Records. With a fresh record deal and high ambitions, the Griswolds began working with famed pop producer Tony Hoffer. Hoffer, who has worked on multiple platinum-selling albums, lent his talents to the band’s debut CD, Be Impressive. The title of the Griswolds album was just what they were trying to do, Be Impressive. The phrase that turned into their mantra was wearing them thing, the group decided to eliminate album pressures and create their music organically. The debut record is a feel good culmination of the Griswolds fun-loving rhythmic style and party hard lyrics. The lead single was the first song co-written by singer Christ Whitehall and guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez. “Beware of Dog” was a successful single for the group reaching number 18 on the Billboard Charts and racking up over over two million plays on Spotify. Released on August 25th 2014, Be Impressive reached number 197 on the American Hot 200 Albums Chart. Filled with pop ballads and sing-along lyrics, the album is an impressive debut and a strong precursor for the bands work to come. The feel good group is now heading out on the road as Griswolds tickets are now on sale for their upcoming 2015 tour. Joining the boys from down under will be popular indie rockers Walk the Moon. Griswolds tickets will sell out quickly so grab your tickets using TicketIQ.

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