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Starring Al Pacino as billionaire Mickey Ross, "China Doll" tells the story of man yearning for semi-retirement and the hope to live his twilight years in relative serenity beside his woman. However, a sudden phone call threatens his future plans and may soon alter his life permanently. "China Doll" begins previews at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on October 21, 2015 and officially opens on the Great White Way on November 19.

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China Doll Ticket News

6-24-15: Anticipation continues to build for “China Doll”, one of Broadway’s newest additions that will hit the Great White Way this fall. Starring Al Pacino, the 15-week limited engagement play is slated to begin previews at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on October 21 and will officially open November 19. A considerable ticket demand exists on the secondary market, and the average price for China Doll tickets on Broadway is now $317.37. 87 shows are currently scheduled through the end of January 2016.

China Doll on Broadway Schedule

Sunday - 3 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre
Tuesday - 7 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre
Wednesday - 7 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre
Thursday - 8 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre
Friday - 8 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre
Saturday - 2 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre
Saturday - 8 PM at Schoenfeld Theatre

China Doll History

It may seem minimalistic at first glance, but David Mamet's Broadway play "China Doll" is anything but. The story focuses on just two characters and the use of a telephone, though future plans to live a life of comfort are greatly altered by just one simple phone call.

Starring Al Pacino as billionaire Mickey Ross, "China Doll" will begin playing previews at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on October 21, 2015 and will officially open November 19. A limited 15-week engagement is scheduled on the Great White Way, with plans to run through the end of January.

"China Doll" won't be the first production Mamet and Pacino have collaborated on. The pair most recently worked together on the HBO film "Phil Specter" and have also teamed up for 2012 Broadway revival of "Glengarry Ross" and the 1993 production of "American Buffalo". Pacino is one of the few A-list actors who have found withstanding success on Broadway and has been a massive draw to New York City's Theater District over the last three decades.

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