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Two American Illusionists and Entertainers Penn & Teller have been performing since the late 70’s combining their act with comedy and magic. The duo has performed all over from The Rio from Las Vegas, to television shows and from where it all started as Penn & Teller after more than 25 years return to Broadway, the very place that first helped launch their careers. Preview for the Duo’s return to Broadway begins on July 7 in what will be a limited from through August 16 at the Marquia Theatre.

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Penn & Teller News

6-22-15: The talented duo Penn & Teller will be back where it all started for six weeks on Broadway where they promise to shock and amaze Broadway like never before. Previews for their show on Broadway begins on July 7 at the Marquis Theater.

Penn & Teller Live Performance Videos

Penn & Teller on Broadway Schedule

Sunday - 3 PM at Marquis Theatre
Sunday - 8 PM at Marquis Theatre
Monday - 8 PM at Marquis Theatre
Wednesday - 8 PM at Marquis Theatre
Thursday - 8 PM at Marquis Theatre
Friday - 8 PM at Marquis Theatre
Saturday - 3 PM at Marquis Theatre
Saturday - 8 PM at Marquis Theatre

Penn & Teller History

Over 25 years ago Penn & Teller started their careers on Broadway and now they are returning home but with all their Vegas flair. In 1970s the pair met and in the 1980s they began two successful Broadway runs and appeared in many TV shows and movies. During the 90s the duo took on some national tours and a bunch more TV guest appearances. Their latest venture before their hit Las Vegas show, was their Showtime network TV show Bullshit!, which took a skeptical look at psychics, religion, and much more. Outside of their crazy work schedule, the guys are also good friends.

This pair of crazy illusionists, comedians, and magicians have shot bullets at each other and even been run over by a tractor. Promising to shock and amaze the audiences of Broadway, all while keeping it family friendly, the show will be held at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway.

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