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Based on the 1944 novel by Margaret London, “The King and I” first debuted on Broadway in March of 1951 at the St. James Theatre. It ran for three years becoming one of the longest running Broadway shows at the time. Since its first debut, the musical has had many tours and many revivals. The most recent revival was in 2015 and it premiered at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre this past April. The fourth Broadway revival overall and just recently won another Tony Award for Best Revival. Are you sick and tired of wasting time searching for good deals on your The King and I tickets? Now you can find all the best deals and cheapest ways to buy your tickets online, right here at TicketIQ.

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The King and I Ticket News

6-22-15: The King and I Broadway show saw some of their biggest gains at the box-office this week since debuting at the Vivian Beaumont Theater this past April.

The King And I Performance Videos

The King and I on Broadway Schedule

Sunday - 3 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Tuesday - 7 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Wednesday - 2 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Wednesday - 8 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Thursday - 7 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Friday - 8 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Saturday - 2 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Saturday - 8 PM at Vivian Beaumont Theatre

The King and I History

The King and I clearly loves Broadway because it has returned for its 5th time! In 1951 this original musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein took the world by surprise, winning the Tony Award for Best Musical. It has since gone to the West End (1953, 1979, and 2000), on US Tours (1954, 1981, and 2004), and on a UK Tour in 2011-2012. The show was on Broadway in 1951, 1977, 1985, 1996, and now in 2015 it comes back with full vengeance to the Vivian Beaumont Theater. It has won the Tony Award for Best Revival both in 1996 and 2015. A film of the same name was later made on the novel in 1946.

Based on the 1944 novel Anna and the King of Siam, the story follows Anna (Kelli O’Hara), a British schoolteacher hired as part of the King’s drive to bring his country into the new century. This show has been touching lives since its conception in the 1950s.

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