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Yusuf Islam

Formerly known as Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam helped to pioneer the singer/songwriter sound of the early 70s and after a 25-year break, enjoyed a career revival as the elder statesman of folk-rock. Born Steven Georgiou in London to a Cypriot father and Swedish mother, Islam took up the piano and guitar from a young age and first released Yusuf Islam tickets for shows at several of his hometown’s coffeehouses and bars. After adopting the name Cat Stevens, he signed to Decca Records aged 18, released his debut album, Matthew and Son, and toured with artists as varied as Engelbert Humperdinck and Jimi Hendrix, while the demand for Yusuf Islam tickets grew when songs he’d originally penned for himself became hits for P.P. Arnold and The Tremeloes. A near-fatal battle with tuberculosis sparked a spiritual awakening and Islam began to record more personal introspective material, such as 1970’s Mona Bone Jakan and Tea For The Tillerman, the latter of which saw American interest in Yusuf Islam tickets rise when it peaked inside the Top 10. Following several collaborations with Carly Simon, Islam scored an easy listening number one with “Peace Train,” contributed nine songs to the soundtrack of black comedy Harold & Maude, and reached number one on the Billboard 200 with 1972’s Catch Bull at Four. Continuing to perform to thousands of fans with Yusuf Islam tickets throughout the decade, he also added to his tally of hit LPs with Foreigner, Buddha and the Chocolate Box and Izitso. But after converting to the Islam religion in 1977, when he took the name Yusuf Islam, he began to retreat from the spotlight and following 1978’s Back to Earth, and a 1979 performance at Wembley Stadium, he abandoned his music career altogether. Over a quarter of a century passed before Yusuf Islam tickets went on sale again, as he focused his efforts on founding several Muslim schools and charities. But after gradually returning to the fold with children’s album, A Is For Allah, and a cover version of his signature hit, “Father and Son,” with Ronan Keating, he released a brand new pop record, An Other Cup, and Yusuf Islam tickets for a UK tour of the same name in 2006. Three years later, US fans with Yusuf Islam tickets for his Guess I’ll Take My Time tour were left disappointed when issues with his work visa forced him to cancel all of his North American shows. But they finally got to see him in action in 2014 when he released Yusuf Islam tickets for a tour in support of his 14th album, Tell ‘Em I’m Gone.

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